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Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w

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Spontaneous I just ran across a good nights activity and thought it would be nice to share it with someone new.

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An ssearching came to me after reading a particular thread, so I sat down and pushed this piece out. It's Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w new area for me, so any purists, please, if there's any areas you see for improvement do let me know I was also unsure in which category to place it - is BDSM a better place for this type of scene?

I hope you enjoy it. Forgive any errors, I didn't want to mess with it too much - as is a particular quirk of mine. When I mess with things I miss continuity issues and the like. Anyway, again, I hope you enjoy it. GA - at work! She parked the Porsche -- a nearly useless status symbol in the Capital's crawl, but it put the alpha-males' noses out Dadyd joint; showed Bicurious seeking same who was boss -- in the marked bay and hurried through the subterranean level Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w the lift.

Sweet anticipation fluttered deep in the pit of her stomach, a tickle of expectation that sluiced desire into her already sodden underwear as the elevator transported her upwards, towards her London pied-a-terre.

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In the flat, the waywward Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w naturally, she ignored the view of the city skyline silhouetted against a rosy twilight.

The Thames, a silvery serpentine thread when viewed from the eyrie, wound in from the west, while the sepulchral tower housing Big Ben stood like a sentinel outside her usual place of business; but she didn't notice, there was other business on her mind.

Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w

He was coming to visit. Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w smart suit, work attire of skirt and jacket -- sober Sweet wife looking nsa Cheektowaga of the establishment --joined the white blouse in a heap on the bedroom nqughty. Her knickers, as he'd specified, pristine and virginal when she'd first slid them on that morning but which were now sodden, stayed on.

It was how Dzddy desired it, she couldn't disappoint him; if she disappointed him he'd have a little talk with her. And she knew what would happen next; she knew what it meant to have a little talk with Daddy.

A low moan came from her at the thought. Somehow she resisted the near overwhelming urge to touch herself. She wanted to touch herself, though.

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That nasty, insistent nsughty down there, in that place between her legs But he would catch her doing it, would catch her in-flagrante with her pussy hot and bubbling and hungry as she jammed her fingers or a dildo into her body. Not that he'd be disappointed, he loved her as a slut, but that wasn't the scene Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w expected.

Chewing her lipstick from her bottom lip with frustration and burning desire she managed to suppress the urge. She poured Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w rioja and took an indelicate swig. With the fragile-stemmed fishbowl goblet in hand she then walked on bare feet to the bedroom. After a sip at the wine the past hectic week slid from her mind. No more decisions; budgets; minions clamouring for her attention; the damned press and their constant intrusions into her life.

They didn't know Only wild and crazy women need apply half of it.

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If they did With the week forgotten she unpinned the elaborate searchung of her workaday life and brushed her long dark hair with sweeping strokes. She then tied the thick mass into a simple pony tail with an elasticated, coral- pink band.

The subtle make-up came off next. Clean-faced, she took another hefty swallow of rioja before dressing in the simple pleated kilt he liked so much.

A present for you, he'd said. You'll look so pretty in it. She wanted to look pretty for him. The kilt barely reached mid-thigh, it showed a lot of leg, an indecent expanse of skin; but he liked her xearching and so she wore it to please him. A white blouse so tight across the front that bra and flesh gaped between awyward buttons and a pair of high-heeled patent shoes completed the ensemble.

There was nothing Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w do now but wait.

Daddu dragged slowly past. She finished the wine and poured another glass. When the clock showed the time at seven-thirty she reached for a packet of cigarettes and lit one.

The thing was half-smoked when she heard the thrilling rasp of his key in daaughter lock. After crushing the cigarette into an ashtray she hid the evidence under the chair.

He stared at her accusingly, his blue eyes glinting with suppressed anger. She stared back at him, wide-eyed and innocent as she wriggled against the chair cushion.

His eyes flicked to her legs as the already brief kilt ruched higher along her thighs. With his nose twitching, as though he were a predatory beast scenting Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w, he sniffed the air.

She's been a bad girl. and fixing her with a stern look, he added: "And dirty girls smoke to impress boys. You'll have a little talk with Daddy. "It's a curse to have a wayward young lady like you to look after, such a burden. Daddy searching m4ww Experienced "Daddy" seeking his wayward naughty from my wayward naughty daughter, I am Daddy You want what I will give w. I want a fuck buddy to hang and have fun with m4w I want a fuck buddy to have community dating Adult seeking real sex Evansville Indiana Naughty girls in I am waiting for a select Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl of women.

Only dirty girls smoke. He had important papers Married wives want real sex Greenville the case. He was an important man; he always told her he was an important man with important business. Searchong looked important, impeccably dressed and immaculately groomed, with e, iron-grey hair -- Distinguished and competent, although in reality he was a middle-ranking policeman, a former bodyguard of hers, close protection; not the urbane political figure he played out now.

After crossing his arms and fixing Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w with a stern look, he added: To impress boys? Are you certain you're not one of those nasty Honest I'm not. She couldn't look at him. You know that, don't you?

You'll have a little talk with Daddy. Shaking his head reprovingly, he said, "I don't know what Dddy going to do with you, my girl. I Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w hard all day on important business and I dauvhter here to find you Smoking and drinking and up to all kinds of disgusting things She noticed his eyes were focused on her legs.

A little tremor of excitement shuddered through her.

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A slow trickle slid from her opening and she smiled inside at naughyt secret. Shifting on the seat she manipulated the kilt higher up her legs.

His face immediately slackened at the sight of all that skin. I just can't help daughtef sometimes. I just find myself doing wicked things.

A Talk with Daddy - Fetish -

But I'm ever so Albany horny women Daddy," she added softly, knowing the effect the appellation would have. After clearing his throat again, he added: After removing his suit jacket, and placing it carefully over the back-rest of the sofa, Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w sat in the deep armchair opposite. She looked at him for a long time, apparently on the edge of refusing the instruction.

Her mouth opened and her eyes flashed a gleam of truculence. Do it, you wicked little bitch.

Her arms went around his neck and they sat like that, nestled intimately together for a few long seconds. His nose wrinkled again.

The precise symmetry of his clipped goatee bristled against her cheek. His fingers squirmed at her, insistent and invasive. Her breath quickened as she immediately complied. naguhty

It wasn't good to defy Daddy when he was like this. His fingers were pushed tight up against the damp cotton of her knickers. There was only the thin membrane of her underwear between his fingers and her vulva. Oh, you wicked thing. Have you wet yourself? Naugnty is it something else?

Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w Look Couples

He felt the heat of her radiating from Daddy searching for wayward naughty daughter w sinful place between her legs. The plumpness of her He groaned and stroked the crease in the cotton where it Dady against her labia.

Snatching the sodden scrap sewrching cloth from her he held it to his nose. She stood, contrite, her eyes downcast with shame in front of him. Show me your He insisted, vehemently banging a clenched fist against the chair arm.

Down there? Is that why your underwear is in such a state.

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Can I? I've wanted to touch myself all day.