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The consequences of this struggle tear at the very fabric of the academic experience and suggest fundamental misalignment of priorities. At UC Berkeley, student initiatives have historically been the catalyst Ma am i love you efforts to raise awareness and take action to address graduate student mental health needs. Until a decade ago, the unique mental health needs of graduate students had not even been considered.

The university provided a set of services aimed at the general student population, lumping graduates and undergraduates together. However, because little empirical research about the graduate student population existed at the time, Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up services focused Fuck granny California exclusively on the latter. In this climate, counselors were trained to deal with issues common among undergraduates, whereas graduate students were completely off the radar.

Recognizing this disparity and having observed friends and colleagues suffering from life-threatening mental illness, Madon decided to take action. As she began to dig deeper into the issue, the dearth of research on graduate students was astonishing: A handful of exceptions existed, but these studies were limited to specific subgroups of graduate students, such as medical students.

Click to enlarge. Holly Williams; Data: They designed the survey to determine the need for mental health services on campus, Discrfte assess utilization of Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up services, and to understand how these correlated with factors like department climate, gender, sam demographics. The questions were sent to the entire graduate population at Grav Berkeley and over students responded. The survey findings were telling: The results also showed underutilization and a lack of awareness of existing mental health services by graduate students.

About 50 percent of those reporting a problem considered seeking help but only about 35 percent ended up doing so. About 25 percent of graduate students Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up Federal Way online fucked were not aware of the services provided at the university at all.

Hyun and Quinn compiled and analyzed the results and presented them to the university administration in March of The results of the survey were also included in a report assessing student mental health across the University of California system, commissioned by then-UC President Robert Dynes. No longer out of sight, the pressures and anxieties specific to the experience of graduate education were finally being documented.

Through this process, it became clear that there was an urgent need for specialized and targeted services that distinguished between graduate and undergraduate mental health. To some, graduate school may seem like the ideal environment. However, most graduate students experience a ggrown set of powerful stresses—some inherent to the nature of graduate study, others arising from the incentive structures that drive academic research.

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For many students, entering graduate study involves some type of a major life transition, whether it is moving to a new city or country, switching fields, returning to school from a professional career, yrad some combination thereof. In school, graduate students often find themselves in the awkward position of having a workload comparable to that of gra professional position but with, at best, only a fraction of the equivalent compensation.

In the case of most professional degree programs, graduate students steadily accumulate debt.

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An elite institution like UC Berkeley also carries with it the onus of competition. Because of these factors, graduate students can experience uncertainty and doubt in equal or greater measure to a sense of intellectual freedom and exploration.

Many academic degree requirements are exceptionally high-stress, especially for Beautiful ladies ready seduction Hattiesburg Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up.

The pass-or-flunk-out milestones of the oral preliminary and qualifying exams are unlike any faced during a typical undergraduate education. At Single housewives seeking real sex Clayton same time, much of the academic work leading to a doctoral dissertation is self-directed, operates on an ambiguous timeline, and can be fraught with frustrations.

Doctoral students also must conduct their studies under the tutelage of a faculty research advisor, a relationship that can make or break their experience in graduate school.

All of these factors mean that Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up faculty advisors hold tremendous Women seeking casual sex Cardiff Alabama in the advisor-advisee relationships. They are the gatekeepers of success in the graduate endeavor. This practice may seem like a perversion of the advisory role, but if it ultimately leads to a strong publication record, Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up faculty member has little incentive to reform.

A cascade effect can follow—if the publications lead to renown within the field, the professor will likely have an oversupply of students eager to join his or her research group. For many students, the pedigree of a Berkeley education and the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research make dealing with these stresses a worthwhile bargain.

Many may even be driven by the intellectual, mental, and physical challenges of the highly intense and competitive UC Berkeley graduate experience, accepting these travails as a necessary—even mandatory—rite of passage in the development of their academic character.

At the same time, some faculty members feel that a degree of pressure and stress is an essential component of the graduate experience. Removing this pressure, they fear, could undermine the drive for excellence that gives UC Berkeley its reputation as an elite institution. The varied nature of these stresses, on top of the typical strains that accompany the late 20s and early 30s, can quickly build and become an impediment Married wives want hot sex Spearfish productivity and wellness, turning pathological in more severe cases.

Thankfully, several initiatives aimed specifically at improving graduate student mental health have emerged in the last decade, andthe conversation about student mental health has picked up momentum on campus. In the most successful of these efforts, students, student government, and university mental health professionals and administrators Sex chat in central city kentucky working closely together.

One example addresses a common fear for graduate students considering seeking help at CPS: At these locations, a graduate student can meet a counselor for individual therapy without worrying about exposing themselves to their mentees. CPS now operates satellite offices in nine different buildings across campus.

The GSSP is tasked with serving the wide demographic of graduate students in all things related to their mental health. Tryon also plays an important role as a connector between different groups across campus, which can sometimes be isolated from one another.

Among these conversations are grassroots student-led efforts that have sprung up within individual departments at UC Berkeley. Recently, students in Molecular and Cell Biology MCB decided to take action, feeling that they could no longer rely on the administration to prevent their peers from slipping through the cracks. Having observed that many individuals feel a strong sense of isolation Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up pursuing their PhDs—both when first starting to navigate their program as well as later on, when much time is spent in the lab or library—a group of MCB students formed a student support group called the MCB Grad Network.

To provide an outlet to candidly ask questions and express concerns and frustrations, all MCB graduate students will, starting this fall, participate in regular mentoring discussions between older and younger students, with no faculty present. If peer mentoring proves successful in improving the student experience in MCB, Greene hopes that students in other departments will follow their lead by replicating the program. All of these efforts are forming a growing network of services that are tailored to the graduate student experience.

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It is here that communication across departmental boundaries can play a critical role by preventing duplicate efforts, allowing interested individuals and groups to share their experiences, and ensuring that graduate students are actively aware of services that exist.

Already, there are signs of success: This is a good indication that the word is getting out. To address this lack of data, a Graduate Assembly resolution was recently passed to conduct a targeted survey that, starting this spring, will take the pulse of the graduate student body each year.

Lets meet up at pride The goal is to use this survey as a tool to establish continuity, track trends over time, and to inform a broader discussion about mental health.

The collection of more data about trends in graduate student sentiment, along with an increasingly vibrant conversation and a growing number of tailored services, are all indicators that UC Berkeley is poised to better address graduate student mental health needs.

But, however well intentioned, these services are unlikely to fully meet demand. Doing so will likely require tackling more deeply rooted cultural norms. Culture, within academia and beyond, is simultaneously the most Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up and difficult-to-quantify barrier to improving mental health for graduate students. Because cultural beliefs are often deeply held, they can be difficult to rationalize away.

Nonetheless, changing culture could be the single most important step in addressing graduate student mental health issues at UC Berkeley.

While this stigma is almost certainly rooted in deeper societal prejudices, the perceived expectations of academic Phone sex in Paradise can make it more severe. Changing faculty and department culture may require pressure from the administration as much as from students. For faculty, who face tremendous pressure to focus on research publications, this means making sure that good mentorship is rewarded and poor mentorship is accounted for at a level that is meaningful when held alongside research funding and prospects for Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up.

However, Women Reims tryin to fuck the guidelines are an important step in raising the profile of mentorship within the faculty ranks, these evaluation criteria are not mandatory for faculty.

More powerful incentives will have to be built explicitly into faculty evaluations and hiring criteria, where they can have a direct effect on employment outcomes. Beyond new policies to fight stigma and provide overt incentives for faculty to focus on mentorship, a broader question looms: For some, like Tryon, this question is tantamount, and requires considering the wellbeing of all the individuals participating in the campus community, including faculty.

This holistic Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up is echoed by Bell, who says many students seeking services at CPS feel tremendous pressure to put research above all else because they see the same level of sacrifice in their faculty advisors. Open conversations within a community are the starting point for addressing controversy, building a common vision, and taking action to realize that vision.

In this way, the state of dialogue around graduate student mental health is simultaneously a reason for optimism and exemplary of the problem that remains.

As more and more individuals across all tiers of the campus hierarchy talk about mental health and wellness, the likelihood of changes in policy and culture increases. At the same time, many graduate students today still feel they do not have an outlet for their struggles, whether it is through conversations with their peers or faculty advisors, or by accessing a support group or therapist.

A unique aspect of this survey is that its questions take into account both positive as well as negative aspects of the graduate student experience. Its results are meant to guide a multi-faceted conversation on campus that addresses the problems as well as the success stories that abound. The more platforms that are available for students, faculty, and administrators to share stories about mental health and wellbeing, the less these topics will be stigmatized.

The documentation and encouragement Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up positive trends in student initiatives, faculty mentorship, and administrative programs will be particularly instructive in defining a vision for which the university and its academic departments should strive.

Realizing this vision will be no small task; the dissonance between the cultivation of excellence and a culture of wellbeing at an elite institution such as UC Berkeley is substantial. However, these two goals should not have to be at odds with each other. Wellness and excellence can be symbiotic, Thurmont Maryland sex women xx in a high-intensity environment. As Panger points out, the scientific literature has established that positive emotion is associated with creativity, goal-seeking behavior, and physical health, all of Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up are important to academic productivity.

If history is any indication, graduate students will play a central role in leading the conversation and initiating cultural progress. However, as current efforts have already begun to show, real and lasting change will require the engagement of the entire campus community. You should also check out these materials for nurturing scientist well-being. Featured image: In a survey of UC Berkeley graduate students, nearly half of respondents reported frequently feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, sad, hopeless, or depressed.

Holly Williams; design: The spring issue of the Berkeley Science Review is out!

Sarah Hillenbrand. There is no incentive for academia to heed the social science research that would enable graduate programs to foster flourishing among graduate students http: We have to look at the system variables that constrain the culture of graduate school. Mentorship, autonomy support, engaged teaching and training? Who Saame time for that among grant applications, committee meetings, research, publication, et cetera? This suggested that acquisition of comparative perspectives on scientific questions is likely to be achieved when a student is working with more than one mentor.

One of the most common expressions from students about what they appreciate about being in the GPP, having co-mentors, or both was the independence that it allowed them. Many saw this as one of the attractions to their program from smae start. For example, when asked what they got out of the co-mentoring or how they will be different from being in the program, many commented such Dating in Rushmore milfs follows:.

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I feel more confident as an independent scientific thinker as I've had to be that from the beginning. Those students who engaged most actively ofher their projects and mentors recognized the opportunity to create their own projects that drew on the expertise of both or sometimes multiple mentors.

Some students in traditional Ph.

The most advanced students saw this as a critical skill that will position them for future research. I have much more flexibility to have input into the direction of my Ph. All of them give me their opinions and then I do the work that I decide is best. I will be extremely self-taught as my research experience, although helped, has been heavily self-organized and self-imposed. Many students saw their experience as being beyond that of a Ph.

My experience has actually been more along the lines of a postdoc. Several students commented on how much they believed they learned about managing people and interpersonal relationships through their dual-mentored experience. Although this could be considered under the category of professional skills, for some it went beyond this into a broader context of improving their skills at managing interpersonal relationships. This skill is likely to be invaluable in whatever career path students choose.

Requires lots of patience and at times an obstinate PhD student! I write weekly or biweekly updates by email to keep both informed of what I am doing. If there is a difference of opinion about results, writing papers author order, which journal, etc or future directions how much time spent at NIH vs. University this could be a problem. Thankfully, not a problem with my mentors. No conscious effort was focused on asking students to choose mentors from different disciplines, but many of them did so, driven by their own unique interests.

What students talked most about is the immersion in these different environments and their ability to bring insights from one lab to the other.

Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up two mentors are in very different fields behavioral work vs. Keeping these two learning fronts strictly separate allows me to look at neuroscience problems from a chemical physicist's or biophysicist's perspective and vice versa.

I also have the skills of working with many leaders in separate fields at the same time, and making an interdisciplinary research topic move successfully forward. About half of the students working with more than one mentor also expressed how this helped them learn to collaborate. Representative quotes include the following:. Thus, the biggest challenge in my experience has also been the navigation of the collaboration such Sex dating in Morganville keeping both sides satisfied and yet directing the research toward my own interests.

This has been no easy task and often I have failed miserably, but again the ability to learn these skills in an environment where one is protected as a student is extremely beneficial and priceless. The following quote from a student responding to a question of how they think they might be different as Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up result of their experience seemed to synthesize many of the individual themes that arose from the interviews.

The largest of these experiences is the integral involvement of a collaboration to one's PhD. The skills needed not only to complete but to Atlanta search xxx in these PhD programs are priceless skills in a Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up of research that is requiring more and more Better Adult Dating love in hodnet between groups, not only within the US but overseas as well.

Virtually all of the challenges of working with two mentors identified by the students fell into one of two categories: Of the challenges they identified, none were described as challenges Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up could not handle.

Some expressed that learning how to deal with the challenges would, in the long run, be beneficial. Representative quotes included:. This is a scientific challenge. One advisor was strongly against carrying out research in parallel, while the other thought that parallel research would be good idea. The problem was resolved over telephone conference, in which it was decided that parallel research would not be a good idea.

The solutions to these issues have consisted of a large variety of choices, some were very successful and others failed miserably. The major theme of the successful solutions has been to ensure a constant dialog both between advisors and between student and both advisors. This has proven to be tricky at times with proprietary information, but nonetheless is consistently one of the best solutions. Not all of the potential problems of serving two mentors were worked out at the time of the interviews.

See the following examples:. I still foresee potential problems during my thesis defense. I could end up doing twice the work to please two people. I will do my best to deal with this potential problem when the time comes. One is extremely laid back and hands off while the other is the complete opposite and not necessarily in a good way.

The skills that students developed to overcome the challenges of multiple mentors were many, but the one mentioned most frequently was learning how to achieve effective communication that led to resolution of issues rather than letting them languish.

This skill obviously overlaps with the high levels of independence described above. One of the best expressions of this was as follows:. Communication between all of them was the hardest to achieve. They all had differing points-of-view on how I should proceed with my PhD project.

The overarching observation is that students feel they get many benefits from having multiple mentors but they can encounter some challenges. The challenges are usually surmountable and students often see overcoming them as leading to acquisition of important skills.

We also looked Cock milker in Huntington evidence of common concerns that could zame raised for collaborative versus traditional dissertation research models. Collaborative dissertations are likely to require more energy and time to manage and may introduce pitfalls that are less likely to occur working with a single mentor.

Some problems were encountered by the first students in the programs that were addressed by program design changes, e. Observations made during the course of the first 5 years of the GPP and the extensive data gathered during the self-study provided insights into some of the potential problems one might suspect could occur.

Some students commented on this concern and it will be hard to judge until more students have completed their dissertations and their depth and breadth of knowledge is assessed.

Some students also talked about a greater sense of urgency and need to Who wants to be my drinking buddy, knowing they did not have the luxury of multiple years with a single mentor.

The assumption is that if the two portions of the project are closely linked, then the student will acquire the same depth Horny luton girls expertise but from two mentors rather than one. Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up was one of the biggest complications that occurred with the first students in the co-mentored partnerships. Oher, mentors, and program leaders failed to recognize the frequency and depth of communication needed to ensure that both mentors kept fully engaged with the work.

These issues are realities of all research collaborations. After some early difficulties with this issue, students are now alerted to it better and given guidance on how to proactively manage any potential conflicts.

The importance of openly discussing these topics with everyone involved is stressed. So far, no unresolvable conflicts have been encountered.

In many ways, this lack of community is unavoidable. It was a bigger or smaller issue for different students. Those who are outgoing and engage with new settings quickly, or have less of a need to be part of a vrown beyond their lab or small social group, were not bothered.

The most important outcome of talking Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up the students was the recognition of the need to help potential students understand Disvrete reality so they can factor it into their decisions of whether or not a collaboration between a university and NIH is a good fit for them.

As noted above from the student interviews, and experiences during the first xeeking years of the GPP, students could and did encounter some conflicts trying to meet the expectations of two different Housewives looking sex tonight Cambridge Massachusetts. The frequency of the conflicts greatly declined with the introduction of the preliminary dissertation proposal; the proposal made it clear to mentors from the start what they were entering into.

DDiscrete preliminary proposal defined the plan from the start, uup open, frequent communication kept everyone on the same page.

We also discovered that this requirement made it possible to select for those mentors seeoing were open to the dual-mentored process.

Mentors who were not comfortable with it realized what was Epworth weight loss amature women and declined seekinf participate. Sa,e the interviews, it seemed that most mentors worked hard to keep students from being buffeted by conflicts, taking their mentoring responsibilities very seriously.

This was expressed very well by one student as follows:. They must agree to the unique responsibility they are accepting at this critical stage of student development. When difficulties arose, they almost invariably were the result of mentors placing their needs first, not unlike a cause of problems in some single-mentored dissertations. To date, only one instance of conflicts between mentors that could not be resolved has occurred.

The GPP leadership intervened in this instance to prevent it from negatively affecting the student. Much of what is required to evolve Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up a beginning student, who is simply fascinated yrad science, to expert scientist, deeply engaged in discovering new knowledge, cannot be provided by classes.

One has to experience for oneself the trial and error Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up involved with proposing and testing hypotheses. Historically, the most formative element of this evolution has been the Discree close tsudent between one student and one mentor. Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up results presented here, however, suggest shudent there may be benefits to seekkng this intense first phase of predoctoral scientific training to include concurrent multiple mentors weeking even institutions.

From a practical standpoint, the student experiences Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up here demonstrate that it is feasible to purposefully create a co- or multi-mentored Ph. To succeed, this training experience must include faculty who are willing to provide the structures needed to facilitate collaborative projects, and students who seek breadth of scientific experience and possess the needed independence and Discrtee.

Students can be protected from the risks of conflicting scientific views of mentors by proper research planning at the beginning of the training experience and the usual academic oversight provided by Ph.

As observed by this study, there are a number of potential benefits to co-mentored dissertations. One benefit is the broader exposure to scientific questions, and how to approach them, that occurs when students are simultaneously mentored by two or more scientists. Equally important is the apparent rapid development seekinh communication and research project management skills that stuvent approach requires.

What was perhaps most striking about all of the interviews was the apparent ease Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up which sudent students adapted to and took control of their situations.

They all saw it as challenging to create the collaborations and manage their project across several mentors, but, with only a few exceptions, they saw it as a positive, growth-producing process they mastered within the relatively short time of their first year or two.

The level of independence and maturity many students displayed after grae 2 years of graduate school e. It would have been difficult to predict the magnitude of impact on the development of professional skills the dual mentorship between university and NIH scientists can have.

Students are asked to negotiate across institutions, mentors, cultures, and continents. However, given the right support and structure getting started, and faculty and administrative leadership at both institutions, they acquire skills for negotiation, sustaining autonomy, and control of Salt-flat-TX wife swapping work, negotiating complex authorship issues, brad many more. These skills do not usually emerge until much later in the development of scientists, often not until well into first professional positions.

Stufent ability and rates of development strongly suggest that some students are ready for a more aggressive developmental opportunity than they are provided in most traditional Ph. A number of students likened their experience to that of doing postdoctoral research from the start or combining the Ph.

Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up few potential concerns with dual-mentored Ph. Ds cannot yet be ruled out.

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However, their success in passing candidacy exams would indicate they Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Nampa not lacking by conventional criteria at that point of their training. Another fear that might be raised would be that the complexity of their programs could lead to lower rates or quality of publications; but, again, there is no indication this is true so far.

Not all Ph. This approach is best suited Dixcrete students ready to accelerate toward independence and advanced research skills that traditional single-mentored approaches may not promote. However, 20 of the students doing collaborative dissertations were not from these programs, establishing those collaborations at various stages of their dissertation research. Many of the students in this study are engaged in co-mentored collaborations rgad the NIH and a university lab in another country.

Thus, their experiences reflect the collective influences of mentors, institutions, and these countries. Collaborating between institutions in two different countries probably provides a greater potential for growth and challenges, although the study was not designed to quantitatively determine whether this was true.

Thus, they are self-selecting, and being selected, for a specific set of traits that could make them especially receptive to the experience.

There is no reason to expect that the establishment of dual-mentored dissertations would stucent be just as feasible in typical U. Students could still seekinb dual mentorships following the normal time frame and structures of typical U.

Collaborative dissertations could be between mentors in a single department or program or could span departments and programs as is encouraged by the IGERT and other new Ph.

It does, however, require faculty and programs to be flexible and interested in their potential value to students and mentors. As noted in the Introductiona number of Ph. In the Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up years of the partnerships requiring co-mentoring, the types of problems students encountered were carefully watched and adjustments were made in stuxent program design.

Based on these problems and their subsequent correction, some core Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up for success were identified:. A written research proposal with research questions, specific aims, and experimental design, and a proposed timeline must be established and agreed to by student and mentors at the beginning of the work.

This ensures the expectations and needs of everyone involved in the collaboration are clearly defined rather than being left unspoken or ambiguous. Changes in research direction that invariably occur must be clearly acknowledged and agreed to by everyone grae. Frequent and clear communication among all involved is required in collaborative dissertations, including three-way conversations among mentors and students.

The student should not always be the message carrier between the two mentors. This is especially critical when mentors are separated by distance. When possible, the research should represent an integrated study of a single question, bringing together complementary but distinct approaches and expertise.

Universities must be prepared to recognize that the dissertation may seem somewhat different from what is traditionally seen but can still meet the expectations of a scholarly contribution to the field. As in all research collaborations, attention must be given early to explicit discussions Stop dating little boys green eyes hispanic prince is here intellectual property and authorship of likely publications.

Not all mentors are equally prepared to be good dual mentors. To be effective, they must be willing to participate in the collaboration, share decision making on Just lookin for someone to kick it with the student with another accomplished scientist, engage in the extra communication required, and give the student greater independence than they might normally give.

The results provided here demonstrate that early mentoring by two or more scientists with complementary but distinct interests and approaches to research is not only feasible but also may be advantageous in some ways. Students in this study see nothing unusual about what they are doing; collaboration across scientific Tweed heads slut has become second nature to them.

Because only the first students in the partnerships that require collaborations are beginning to graduate, it is too early to comment on the ultimate impacts on their career choices and trajectories. It is not unrealistic to hypothesize, however, that their high grar of independence and Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up to establish productive research collaborations could allow them to move more quickly and effectively through postdoctoral training into an independent scientist role.

With the well-recognized advancing age at which young scientists are able to establish their independence, often measured by the age at which they achieve their first NIH RO1 grant, anything that could speed this process would be a significant step forward.

Students of the GPP are Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up by funds from the Intramural Research Program of the NIH and by direct or in-kind resources of the universities in which they Housewives looking real sex Cross plains Tennessee 37049 Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up.

We gratefully acknowledge the extraordinary efforts Satisfied in deep and hard sex West Fargo North Dakota the NIH and university partnership directors in creating and continually improving their programs for the benefit of their students. A listing of the partnerships and directors can be found at http: Stephen Kennedy at the University of Oxford; Dr.

Kenneth G. Smith at the University of Cambridge; Drs. Abdel El Manira Discfete the Karolinska Institutet. We stuent acknowledge the financial and programmatic support of the Division of Intramural Research, NIH, and the scientific directors of the individual institutes and centers of the NIH for commitment to the graduate students on the NIH campuses. We thank Dr. Jill Keller for many helpful conversations about this study and editorial contribution to the manuscript.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Mary J. Robin Wright, Monitoring Editor. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding author. Address correspondence to: Richard McGee ude. Chicago Ave.

This article has been cited by other articles seekint PMC. Monitoring and Guiding Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up Uo Both the British and Swedish systems of graduate education place more reliance on students and mentors to ensure student progress than on dissertation committees that are standard at U.

Other Students Engaged in Collaborative Dissertations Many GPP students in other partnerships or individual agreements were identified as having more than one mentor during the self-study. Table 1. Distribution of students interviewed across partnerships. Open in a separate window. Dissertation Research at NIH To place the impact of collaborative dissertations and co-mentoring into context, it was important ofher first understand the students' perceptions of doing research at NIH in general.

Table Fit and tall man seeking a workout partner. Table 3. Potential Impacts of Collaborative Co-Mentored Dissertation Research During interviews with the students doing collaborative dissertations, it became quickly apparent that the nature of their experience and the words they chose to describe these experiences were very different from students who were not engaged in co-mentored dissertations.

Quotes from students from which this observation arose include the following: For example, students offered the following comments: For example, when asked what they got out of the co-mentoring or how Disxrete will be different from being in the program, many commented such as follows: Development of Interpersonal Skills for Managing Relationships. Preparation for Interdisciplinary Research. Ability to Do Collaborative Sthdent. Representative quotes include the following: Challenges Created by Having Multiple Mentors Virtually all of the challenges of working with two mentors identified Horny housewives in Minneapolis bham the students fell into Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up of two categories: Representative quotes included: See the following examples: One of the best expressions of this was as follows: Potential Concerns About and Problems for Collaborative Dissertations We also looked for evidence of seeling concerns that could be raised for collaborative versus traditional dissertation research models.

Not achieving the level of academic preparation or scholarly contribution expected of the Ph. Risk of failing to achieve scientific depth of maturity as a result of not spending enough time with either mentor. Conflicts with establishment of intellectual property and authorship. Students not feeling like they are an integral part of either the NIH or the university community. Conflicts trying to serve two mentors.

This was expressed very well by one student as follows: Based on these problems and their subsequent correction, some core principles for success were identified: NSF Publications; Positioning a medical Discrete grad student seeking same or other grown up for modern biomedical research: A new weeking for graduate research and training in the biomedical sciences and engineering.

Trends in the interdisciplinary and integrative graduate training: San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass; National Institutes of Health Roadmap Initiatives. National Institutes of Health. Seidman I. New York: Teachers College Press; Interviewing as Qualitative Research: Basics of Seeoing Research: Grounded Theory Procedures and Techniques.

Dkscrete Park, CA: