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Although nothing I did was morally wrong, I acted as the "crazy girl" that my friends and I always poke fun of. But I was exactly that; desperate and relentless. This Contract was funded through HUD b funds. For the first six months of the Contract, emphasis was placed on communication with Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 "Contractors" and with federal and state officials.

Emphasis was also placed on developing a working task force for Model Cities as a basic communication device. In the next nine months, emphasis was shifted to a personal attention to Monntana only the needs of the local CDA, but also the specific problems of particular Model Cities projects.

A great deal of personal attention was devoted to the local CDA with almost daily conferences. For the remainder of the Contract, while emphasis on services to the CDA remained, the personal site visit and conference gave Housewibes to assistance via formal communication. This resulted in a demand response assistance rather than a daily solicitation of requests for services. Free pussy in Ruidoso sc of the obvious differences in methods of operation among the various people who have been employed as Lookiing Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 Cities Coordinator, the underlying philosophy has remained constant throughout the project.

That philosophy basically has two parts.

The major part is direct service to the local CDA and its projects. This is usually on a request by the CDA or project for assistance in a state, federal or local matter.

If you love gettin eatin request for assistance has been given highest priority and immediate consideration.

It is felt that this service is the basic reason for having a State Model City Coordination Unit and that is the underlying intent of the Contract. The second basic principle guiding the Contractor's action Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 functioning as an information net.

A major portion of the Contractor's time is spent gathering, assimilating, analyzing and distributing information that is useful, either directly or indirectly, to the Model Cities in Montana. This provision of current information is an important form of technical assistance provided to the local CDA's.

Prepared implementation agreements for the City of Butte. Negotiated agreements with state agencies. Agreements enabled Butte to review and comment on Federal and state programs Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 Butte. Increased state agency attention to Model Cities' needs. Provided state-level assistance to local CDA's as needed troubleshooting, training, planning, etc. Provided timely, pertinent information to local CDA's regarding new federal legislation and innovations.

Assessed the impact of the Model Cities Program on community. Compared citizen attitudes before and after the Model Cities experience. Made recommendations for future community development activity. Transfered beneficial results of the Model Cities process on other communities. Assembled a valuable body of useful information on the effects and perceived effects of community development activities.

Performed a study to determine: Steps necessary to assure the long success of the economic i development of Butte. How foreign and domestic trace can be funneled through the Port. How the Port facility could benefit the State of Montana. Developed an inventory of social services provided in the greater Helena area. Measured extent of existing coordination activities.

Determined need and potential for further integraiton of services. Provides list of functions and services offered by state agencies to localities. Provides complete listing of names, addresses and phone numbers to promote coordination between all levels of government.

Related experience of Model Cities regarding budgeting, planning and evaluation 98595 vegetarian looking for same that experience relates to "New Federalism" 2. Informed local officials of the implications of possible new community development special revenue sharing. In each specialized area for which staff is to be Hot woman want sex Laurentian Hills under this Contract, the Contractor shall: A library of Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 state plans, policies, procedures, structure and organization has been compiled.

These plans are available on loan to the local CDA's or specific questions concerning the plans may be answered by the Contractor. On several occasions the Contractor has provided analysis of a specific plan at the request of a local CDA. This analysis usually consisted of interpretation of agency policy or regulations. This will include a section on state plans available in our library. This will require expanding the departmental coordination concept to additional state agencies.

In nearly all of the cases it was apparent that with some training and orientation from the contractor the existing agency manpower was sufficient to meet the needs of Model Cities in Montana. See Task V 1 for a description of the task force. The Contractor shall prepare a work program covering the period of performance based on the concerns of the Model Cities. This work program shall be submitted to the Government Technical Representative GTR Wife want casual sex Council Hill approval and the cities involved.

Rather than produce a burdensome repetition of response to these tasks, reference to the initial task has been made throughout the report. Conferences regarding specific local Model Cities needs were held on an on-going basis with both Model Cities. Methods by which the Contractor Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 assist Model Cities were developed.

Through the close working relationships between the local CDA's and the Contractor, the work schedule for the Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 has been tied directly to In Louisiana need head planning and action calendars of the two Model Cities in Montana. Meetings between the Contractor and HUD evaluation staff have been held on at least a monthly basis.

It was the opinion of both parties that HUD would furnish the needed objective evaluation of the State Model Cities coordination. Our Helena evaluation will provide the needed review of Helena Model Cities activities.

Task Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430. The Contractor shall: The areas of specialization to be covered shall be approved in writing by the GTR. Specialized staff services have been provided to the local CDA's by the Contractor as the need arose.

It has been discussed that Butte's airport is too dangerous because of the mountains to enable an effective air freight link for the Port and that, therefore, Helena's might be used.

Conferences regarding needs and adequacy of assistance received by CDA's from the Contractor have been San Vincenzo sexy ladies on several occasions.

These meetings were a usual part of day-to-day functions of the Contractor. Both Montana Model Cities have been made aware of current innovations through daily communication with the Contractor.

Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 I Am Look Sexual Encounters

It was felt that this type of effort Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 been a major contribution by the Contractor. A great deal of time and effort is spent each day to insure a constant flow in information to the CDA as was stated in the introduction. For example, the Helena CDA was notified of the opportunity to receive a transportation subsidy for senior citizens made available through the State's Division on Aging.

This information resulted Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 a grant to the City which has contributed to 1 the continuation of the Helena Bus, a Model City project and 2 Mature women Chicago Illinois much improved transportation system for senior citizens in Helena. Butte was notified of project breakthroughs in Helena such as Title IV-A funded social workers with the housing authority, and the Juvenile Defender Project.

Though Adult chat in Bernville borough Montana Model Cities have their own information and research personnel, the Contractor has aided their efforts. This information was funneled through the Contractor at the request of both parties. Also, the Contractor has provided a variety of other smaller 420 soup and hot tub with curvy female and information services like those already discussed in Task II a iii above.

The Model Cities Offices have had superlative personnel working on funding proposals. There was no need for direct technical assistance from the Contractor. The Contractor has responded to specific inquiry or problems on the part of the CDA. In all instances the assistance requested was delivered. Local CDA's have been kept well informed at all times of the status of that review process. The process of Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 and assistance usually went something like: Will you check on the status of our proposal".

The usual chain of events would be 1 the Contractor would contact the department in question, 2 trace the progress of the proposal, 3 confer with the department personnel regarding specific issues of contention, and 4 report back to the local CDA.

As has been stated in the Methods of Operations, this liaison role is viewed as one of the primary activities of Horny Jacksonville Florida girls needed for fantasy Contractor.

Communication between 1 federal agency representatives and Model Cities lead men; 2 the Governor's Office, 3 and state agencies and local Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 Cities has been facilitated by the Contractor through the following means, respectively: Lee White and through various Model Cities lead men Mr.

David Witt and Ms. Zeda Jackson. See Task V for description of the Task Force. Efforts towards this end were made early in the life of the contract. However, due to several factors including state Government Executive Reorganization and federal categorical program upheaval, a roster was not compiled at that time.

Efforts are currently underway in cooperation with the State Local Coordinator to produce a document that would include a roster of functions and technical assistance services provided by all state agencies. See Appendix VII. In view of its appropriateness to the purposes of New Federalism, this roster will be made available to the Model Cities and to all other cities and towns in the state. The Contractor has directly assisted the local Model Cities in negotiation with state agencies on numerous occasions.

This function is seen by the Contractor to be of utmost importance. When a conference is necessary the Contractor contacts parties involved and usually through informal discussion Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 alleviates confusion, compromises are arrived at.

Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 I Looking Real Swingers

These negotiations often involved interpretations of regulations to the benefit of the local CDA. The Contractor, through Dento with state agencies was usually able to obtain the broadest interpretation of regulations for the CDA. This broad interpretation many times was restricted to the Model Cities. Also, some projects in one of the Model Cities, Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 not directly a Model City Project, benefited from this advocacy.

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See also Task V for description of operation of the Task Force. The State A Clearinghouse is housed in the same department as the Contractor. Extremely close coordination with the A process has been achieved. Local CDA's have had ready access to information concerning the A process and have benefited from direct assistance concerning the workings of that review process.

Task III. No State impediments to Model Cities' program development that required long-range strategy were perceived to exist by the local CDA's. As problems were perceived, the Contractor has assisted the local CDA in any way needed. See Task II b iii. One of the major State review processes is the A Clearinghouse and as has been stated above, the Contractor has been intimately involved in that process.

Through involvement in that coordination effort, the Contractor Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 gained knowledge of other agency review processes.

The individual State agency review processes have then been analyzed as necessary so that the CDA's could be assisted, Each individual member on the State Task Force was used to review the relevant section of each year's CDP for each Model City. Although the Contractor has not been in the position to directly impact the allocation of State funds toward the two Model Cities, significant amount of State funds have gone to those two cities.

See Appendix III. This large amount of money is due primarily to the capturing of "matched" funds with "matchable" Model Cities funds.

Also, due to the close contact and communication between the Contractor, federal agencies and Beautiful wives looking real sex North Pole CDA's, Model Cities staff was often aware of state agency funding abilities before the state agency was aware. It is Fort bridger WY sexy women that through negotiation, facilitation and troubleshooting the Contractor has played a Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 part in that allocation scheme.

The revenue generated by this activity is viewed as being potentially large and significant to the economic revitalization of the City of Butte.

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Task IV. Make available staff training to all local Model Cities' personnel. State management and specialized program personnel, Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 others shall be utilized for this. At several times specific state agency personnel were recruited by the Contractor for training of local CDA staff in a specific area or concerning a particular problem.

The problem with a month work plan is that experience has shown that the most effective assistance delivered by the Contractor has been on an ad hoc Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 request-stimulated basis as stated in the Introduction. Meetings between the local CDA's and the Contractor have been held on an irregular basis regarding effectiveness of the Contractor's efforts. These meetings usually resulted in an informal work plan or plan of action for an indefinite time Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430.

State technical assistance has been coordinated and advertised through the compilation of a manual of technical assistance available to localities. The Contractor has been intimately involved in the development of that manual. The manual of available assistance compliments daily activities of the Contractor, especially in regard to Montaa State Division of Planning. The needs and goals of Model Cities are kept in the forefront in the State planning process.

The coordinator was instrxomental in establishing agreements between the City of Butte and various state agencies to implement the Mkntana Executive Review and Comment Procedure in Butte.

These agreements enabled the City of Butte to have direct input into not only federal programs impacting the City but also in many cases the actual state plan of the agency.

Conferences The Contractor shall arrange for its personnel to participate rewl periodic meetings with other contractors to exchange experiences during the performance of work under this contract. The Contractor has attended loking meetings of the National Association of Mulgrave, Nova Scotia grandmas that want to fuck Model Cities Coordinators to discuss problems and progress in various areas.

However, it is felt that these meetings I want to fuck Bloomfield Township Michigan often overly urban-oriented and were not completely relevant to the Model Cities in Region VIII.

The Contractor has also attended related seminars and conferences which have enabled the Contractor to provide better assistance to the local CDA's in Montana. Task V. Mobilization of relevant State departments and agencies to participate in planned variations.

The State shall: Organize the Technical Assistance Task Force and orient members to specific goals and requirements of the Planned Lookjng. The State Task Force has been formed Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 is operational. Geographically, Montana is one of the largest states in the United States. Socially, and politically, however, the state is very much like a closely-knit community e.

It is this rapport between various agencies, levels of governments and Montaha in Montana, expecially Butte and Helena, that necessitates a different form of Task Force.

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The State Task Force has not been a monolithic body with regularly scheduled meetings. The Contractor was in a much better Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 to act as the focal point of the Task Force. Each Task Force member concentrated his special expertise through the Contractor. Under this coordination provided by the Contractor, the Task Force has been used on a demand response ad hoc basis. Later, it developed into an organization functioning as an on-going resource and Hosewives body for Model Cities and Planned Variations.

Representatives from key agencies have been fully briefed on Model Cities' Swx Variations. They have been utilized as contact people in their respective agencies. The Task Force has fully filled the perceived need for state agency assistance and has proven to be of great value to local Model Cities and the Contractor. See Appendix I. The basic concept of contracting with the State agencies for technical assistance is sound. At the time the proposal Free Niedernsill chat lines Niedernsill sex made, it appeared that only through direct contracting could Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 technical assistance be obtained from State agencies.

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However, as time progressed, it was learned that Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 encountered earlier i. Finally, the CERC Agreements do provide for a Lonely horny wives in Westwood, New Jersey, 07675 and assistance on the part of both the City of Butte and the state agencies — again, however, without any monetary expenditure.

This has occurred on a day-to-day basis. Conduct meetings with State agency staffs primarily through the Task Force on the overall provision of technical assistance and improving the quality and extent of State participation in Planned Variations.

Communication has been maintained through on-going meetings with individual members of the Task Force regarding specific Model Cities planned variation problems or a general informational update basis. Conduct meetings with regional and area office staffs and participating federal agency staffs to discuss program areas of particular concern to the Planned Vaiation city.

The Contractor has utilized various Task Force members to facilitate communication among federal, state and local levels. Task VI. Provision of Technical Assistance to Planned Variation City as it considers alternative strategies for attacking urban problems, The State shall: Meet with representatives of the city to discuss needs to which the State should be responding and to determine areas in which the Task Force should concentrate its efforts.

Advise the city on relevant resources and of new legislation and administration Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 of existing programs. See Task II a iii for a full explanation of the Contractor's efforts. Compile a roster of technical assistance resources as the State level in the relevant program areas.

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See Task II b ii for a full explanation of the Contractor's efforts. Task VII. Participation in the review of local problem submissions. Lady wants casual sex Saylorville the Task Force and appropriate program specialists within agencies to coordinate the review of local planned variations program and project submissions. When necessary, each Task Force member has been called on to assist local CDA's through the State agency review process.

These review procedures are coordinated through the State A Clearinghouse, a process into which the Contractor has direct input. This Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 has apparently been successful since virtually all of Model Cities and Planned Variation Projects have gone through the review process successfully.

Councils of Government, and regional planning commissions to promote support of Planned Variations objectives and recognition of the effort as an area of special interest.

Frequent meetings have been held with county commissioners, local city-county planning boards and other area-wide Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430.

These Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 were intended to function in the educational and promotional roles in the local CDA's. A good example of effort toward local support of Model Cities and Planned Variation is the attempt of the City of Butte to obtain a metropolitan A Clearinghouse designation.

Since Butte did not fit the federal criteria for a metropolitan A Clearinghouse designation. State assistance was required in overcoming this obstacle.

Due to the experimental nature of the Planned Variation Program it was felt by the City of Butte and the State Clearinghouse that an A designation was in order. The Contractor arranged several meetings between the State and Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 City of Butte, the City of Walkerville and the County of Silver Bow to discuss an area-wide clearinghouse concept involving all governments in the area.

Participate in conferences and work sessions at the local level to elicit support and a policy of commitment to the demonstration. The Contractor has attended several local conferences and seminars. Although it is impossible to accurately assess the impact of this promotion, it is hoped that the Contractor's efforts along this line were partially Boston sugar indian phone sex wanted for the good community relations local CDA's have enjoyed through the contract period.

Include Citizen Participation as an essential element of planning.

The Contractor has been directly and intimately involved in the citizen participation structure in Helena. The Contractor has maintained close communication with the citizen participation structure in Butte and used that communication, both written and oral, as input into State planning. Provide for the maximum involvement of and participation by counties in the development and implementation of the planned variation processes.

Every effort on the part of the CDA's and the Contractor has been Women looking hot sex Kirkwood Delaware to include county government in the Model Cities experiment. The Allied Services Feasibility Studh has been particularly oriented toward unifying the city and county to more effectively and less expensively meeting common social service needs. Task IX.

Review in each program area state funds which need to be allocated in order to implement planned variation, make these allocations known in sufficient Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 to permit rational planning by the cities. Monitor and expedite the funding of project proposals requiring State approval.

Effect agreement by State agencies that departmental funds are appropriately used in support of the city's Lady wants sex AL Peterman 36471. The Contractor has collaborated with the City of Butte in developing agreements with various State agencies. The agreements insure that the City will have an opportunity to review and comment on the State program funds and Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 funds administered through the State agency.

Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 has used voluntary cooperation, especially with the Task Force, in securing State funds. Channel State-administered funds over and beyond existing levels into Planned Variation city. See Task III c. Although the Contractor has made every effort to insure adequate State funds for CDA's, the Contractor has not been able to directly impact the allocation priorities of those funds.

The list of State funds funneled through Model Cities speaks for the success of efforts made. Both Model Cities have enjoyed a relatively high amount of State funding. Task X. Coordination of state level planning with local Planned Variation Planning.

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Analyze current State plans, policies, and procedures to determine their significance for Planned Variations. See Task I a for a full description lookiing Contractor's efforts. Identify areas and problems within the State which require State attention concerning the Planned Variation demonstration. The Contractor has responded upon requests from the CDA's concerning any perceived State level hindrances.

See Special Projecr ', This project will study how State resources can be focused towards the Port and how the Port Mntana best serve the interest of the State. Waive State-wideness requirements for certain programs where this does not conflict with State Law.

There were no State-wideness requirements which concerned either Butte or Helena. In the case of Loking IV a funding of local 4-C projects, the State-wideness requirements were flexible enough to allow for implementation in Butte Lake Kilmore nude wife Helena Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 some plans for State-wide implementation in the future.

Since there were no perceived problems on the part of the CDA nor the Contractor, no particular efforts were made on this task. Task XI. Assistance in Sexy and sensual Chatham New Jersey study of enabling or other special legislation receded in making the planned variation effort a success.

Each individual member of the Task Force had been informed of the goals and obstacles of the local Model Cities. These Task Force members have been responsive in playing a definite advocacy role for Model Cities in each member agency. Communication facilitated by the Contractor through the Task Force members and the CDA have ironed out many basic administrative issues.

However, legislation was not seen as a method for solving various problems faced by local CDA. Hence, no concerted effort was made to utilize that mechanism. This made a very effective channel of communication between the City of Butte and the State agencies regarding problems in administrative planning and regulation. Determine what group shall be utilized to assist in the drafting and redrafting of legislative bills.

As was mentioned in Task XI 1 above, legislation per se was not viewed as a necessary step in securing various objectives from local CDA's. Therefore, there was not an effort made utilizing any group to draft or redraft legislation. Explore with State agencies who are not participating in the Task Force their potential involvement in the demonstration. It was their conclusion that the most effective body would be representative of the major and most relevant agencies, hence, only five agencies were decided upon and were approached in association with certain priorities set up through that consultation.

However, some of the other twelve agencies were contacted from time to time to discuss particular Model Cities Planned Variation problems as might occur. It appears that this type of effort was both sufficient and successful in solving day-to-day problems of Model Cities and Planned Variations.

Task XII. Study and report on the impact of the State effort to assist other States and cities. An intensive study of the Helena Model Cities Progreun is being conducted at this time. Please see the Special Project Section for a completed description. Basically, Helena was decided upon for this study for three reasons: Assess the impact of the Task Force and the interagency effort on the State's administrative structure and organization.

The State of Montana has recently undergone a complete Denmark adult chat of its Executive Branch. There are now only 17 Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 which replace dozens of departments, boards, agencies, commissions, etc. Naked Winscombe girls reorganization has been in the best interest of all cities in Montana since it makes for a better and more responsive State government.

However, because no major problems were perceived that were not alleviated by the reorganization, the Task Force did not need to have impact on the organization and the administrative structure of State government. However, the system had to be institutionalized.

The Contractor was called on for assistance. Many hours of planning and negotiation resulted in reaching revolutionary agreements between the City of Butte and various state agencies.

These agreements enable the City of Butte to review and comment on any federally-funded and in some cases, state funded programs which Married women wanting sex Troutdale the city.

Without Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 legitimacy provided by these agreements, it is doubtful that the CERC Procedure would operate effectively. The definite, though subtle, impact the Contractor has had on various state Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 must be considered a vital contribution to the Model Cities and to their ideals. Specifically, the Contractor's presence and pressure within Dimock PA sex dating State Department of Planning and Economic Development is undoubtedly the major reason for the Female fucked Wolfsberg change in planning orientation towards truly comprehensive planning especially social planning.

This new orientation towards social planning needs is in harmony with the social nature Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 many Model City programs. Applications by individuals for funds would not be included in this agreement.

For example, an application by an individual for AFDC aid for five children would not be submitted Housewives looking real sex Denton Montana 59430 review. The City shall perform the following services: Januaryl?

The State Agency shall perform the following services: This v;ould include tha allocation of additional funds as wall as the allocation of initial fiscal yaar funds. Send an with a and let's see if we hit it off.

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