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I need a a cool girlfriend to go out clubbing with Search People To Fuck

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I need a a cool girlfriend to go out clubbing with

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I'm looking for a female ready to enjoy a great time in the bedroom. But the way you handled it and told me I ruined your whole life was uned for.

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United States. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Need advice on girlfriend going clubbing. Hi, I've been thinking about this all week and it is annoying me, so I need to get it off my chest, thats why I thought I'd dedicate my first post to this topic. Basically, I've graduated university and I am working, whilst my girlfriend of 2 months, is still at uni.

I have outgrown clubbing a I don't have time, I work 55 hours a week. B I need a a cool girlfriend to go out clubbing with I went on holiday this summer, I got ringing in my ears from loud music at the club, thought it would last forever lol.

Nude Porto guuys want her to go out with her friends and have fun, but my problem is with clubbing.

When I was at university on several occasions girls wanted to cheat on their boyfriends with me, not because I'm special or anything, but just because we were both drunk and having a good time in a club. One girl wanted to kiss me because her boyfriend was at home playing 'Call of duty' and she said he is a loser.

Another wanted to cheat on her boyfriend with me as "She wanted to know what it was like to kiss a black guy. The point I'm making is people act very differently in clubs, especially under the influence of alcohol. Since I have only been with her 2 months, I haven't met her friends at uni. I don't know what kind of people they're and how they behave.

I know at least one of her friends is a proud slut. She said guys touch her in the club and she nearly said "It's not a big deal, it happens to most girls that go clubbing". I flipped I need a a cool girlfriend to go out clubbing with at her, I'm here working my ass off and she thinks it is not a big deal that sleazy, horny, sweaty guys try and grab her up in the club.

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It's not that I think she is z cheater, it is the fact I just don't like the thought of me getting home from work, late and tired, and have the thought of her being touched up by nasty, sleazebags. I want her to go out and have fun, as if things don't work out with us, she'd always have friends, and I'm not trying to control her.

I'm just very concerned. Her course at university is five years long, We can't be having this problem for that time period. Thank you. Dating girls who go clubbing is just a terrible idea. I worked at a night-club for 6 months.

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Holy jesus, the amount of people I saw doing terrible, immoral things was ridiculous. If you're dating someone who purposefully puts themselves in that situation, you're basically just wasting time.

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If she goes out once in a great while I need a a cool girlfriend to go out clubbing with her friends, whatever. If she does this a lot with her friends, she's either going to cheat on you or she's going cooll cheat on you.

There's also girlfriejd possibility she's going to cheat on you. I had at least 1, women come up and grind on my d1ck or try to kiss me who had boyfriends. It was disgusting and it made me hate women for a solid 2 years after I stopped working there.

You should explain to her the type of people that frequent these places and why she should find another way to have fun. Single ladies looking real sex Goodlettsville she doesn't understand, you might as well find a chick who's compatible and doesn't want to get handed around like leftovers.

Originally Posted by DannyGlover Last edited by Konrai; at Pastor Konrai, can I get an Amen? Girls that prioritize "clubbing" are sluts bro. Sorry to tell you.

There is only 1 reason girls to go the club: Guys only got to clubs to do 1 thing: Without yelling or screaming tell her how you feel about it and how guys approach clubbing. Good luck op. Bad idea. S bad idea if she's attractive.

Unless you are a club hopper, never date one.

Dudes in clubs are drunk or on drugs and regardless of what women say who go there, they like the attention. Well, you need to trust her.

If she is cheating then she would find other ways to cheat you she doesn't have to go to club for that.

If she really likes you then she will not cheat on you. It's pretty much that simple.

Wants Real Swingers I need a a cool girlfriend to go out clubbing with

You coop about her cheating you because deep down inside you are insecure about yourself and losing her. The "situation" has more to do with you than with her.

Start monkey branching, she is bad news. They never go out to go dancing with the girls bro. For the future, look for a girl that doesn't have the need to go out on a regular basis.

I need a a cool girlfriend to go out clubbing with Looking For A Man

Originally Posted by OsavPoiss. If you're not worried about cheating, what's the problem?

If she cheats, it's her loss and you'll be glad you found out sooner than later. Originally Posted by Nedo.

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Originally Posted by RogerSteward. If she cheated, I wouldn't find out, that is the problem.

How to Pick Up a Girl in a Club: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

She's 2 hours away at uni, and we have no mutual friends that I would find out from. She said to me she wasn't happy with how someone touched her in the club That happens all the time. Just prepare yourself neeed the inevitable. Especially if she is 2hrs away, I guarantee that will come up as ammo in her "cheating justification" argument The club is pretty much Tinder before Tinder existed.

She doesn't need to go to a club to cheat bro.

I need a a cool girlfriend to go out clubbing with I Searching Cock

Cheating can take place anywhere. Yea, clubbing makes it easier for sure.

If you weren't worried about her cheating, you wouldn't have made this thread bro. I mean, if you're not worried about her s, big deal right? Hot babes get approached everywhere.

You're not going to limit your gf from going shopping at the market are you? I used to approach a chit ton of girls at the market. Let her go out.

Let her cheat if that's what she wants to do. If she does, cya b1tch. And be glad you grilfriend out now. By the way, you better start going clubbing yourself in my opinion. Originally Posted by Megalomaniacal.

Need advice on girlfriend going clubbing. - Forums

I don't know girflriend you, but when my women cook going out, I just subconsciously and immediately start looking at other girls and I want to fzck them.

I get cold fast bro. I'm not saying you should do that because I'm not perfect by any means, but I simply have no tolerance for my women going out regularly.

Your girl is young though but she should know that clubbing is going to bother you and not do it as her own decision. You shouldn't have to tell her, you shouldn't even hint at it.

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I always laugh when I hear females trying to "justify" going to the club by saying they "just want to dance". If you want to dance so bad, put on your trampiest miniskirt with no panties, and play Just Dance in your living room. Yes, thats exactly what is happening in my mind.

She said to me she goes girlfrined less now, and has said no to going clubbing with her friends a few days ago. However, that made me angry too, like I should thank her for not going out or something. Also, if her friends think I'm the reason she doesn't go out, they will probably bitch about me or something. Originally Posted by PervedOut.

Well, one thing here I should suggest to you, always reward good behavior. If she tells Adult wants nsa Tylertown she didn't go out, she wants a little appreciation for that, so give it to her.

It costs nothing, and it'll make her feel good. For example, you could say something like, "Good for you beautiful, clubbing is a meat market for people looking to hook up and I knew all along that you understand that and that you're much better than that". She says she has only been clubbing twice since she got back to uni, Sept 24th.