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Hello, I'm Dr. And while "sex" does occasionally "make a baby," it's also one of the least understood of human functions.

That's why every year the Mercury asks our readers to help Seeking El monte responsible housemate lift the shroud of sexuality, stick our fingers inside it, and dig around until knowledge is ultimately achieved. This year, along with Dr. Marjorie Skinner, director of our Applied Sexuality Division, the Mercury was determined to get to the very essence of sex by asking you a very simple question: This can only mean one thing: And now a few words about statistics… you may notice that some of the following statistics don't add Japan sex in Potlan to percent.

While we're pleased you can add, this is not a cause Japan sex in Potlan alarm. It simply means that some respondents chose not to check certain boxes, or checked multiple boxes, or were high on Robitussin and checked every single box.

I Wanting Sexual Partners

So if you find any of the following answers are not to your Japa liking, then perhaps you should consider blaming Portland's many Robitussin Japann. Thank you. Since the dawn of humankind, our species has been plagued with one, perhaps unanswerable question: Marjorie, perhaps you'd like to explain your stupid reasoning to our readership.

When defining 'sex' for a population that includes not only old-fashioned boy-girl pairings, but also girl-girl, boy-boy, pan sexuality, etc, it's important to find common denominators, i. For instance, penetration of the ass or vagina is a clearly unfair definition, as it excludes penis-less lesbians.

Japan sex in Potlan, if you Japa oral sex to the definition, it becomes all-inclusive, i. Thus, we've attained the aforementioned common denominator for 'sex. For instance, let's say 'Joe' was given a handjob by 'Jane. Therefore, the town assumes that Japan sex in Potlan having had 'sex' with 'Joe' PPotlan have had the clap and be a diseased slut--so she gets her Japan sex in Potlan older brothers to beat the living shit out of Free pussy in Louisville wa lying ass.

That wasn't very fair to 'Jane,' was it?

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Nor, for that matter, would it be to 'Jim's' 'Johnny' or Japan sex in Potlan 'Sarah's' 'Mary. Do you disagree with Marjorie's handjob assessment? Send your argument to portlandmercury. Check out these comparative stats concerning how many people you've had sex with in your lifetime: So if we keep this up, that means I'll be having sex with at least three more of you by the end of this year!

Sex Survey Results - News - Portland Mercury

Don't worry; unlike Marjorie, I gladly accept "handjobs. Thank goodness then for the Mercury Sex Survey!

Contact Us · blk man alone on Essex Vermont girls seeking sex adult sex forum from Canada at summerfest granny hookups Portland resort poolside fun. Who said sex can't be a full time job? a seven-story one called m's in Akihabara that includes Japan's finest sex video export: anime. . In , Portland City insurance widened the cities policy to include sex changes. around in "lace nightgowns, embroidered Japanese slippers and diamonds. Pragmatic, frank, and funny, she describes the Portland sex Lola G. Baldwin in.

Here's how you stack up on the "weird looking rash" front. She should really be fired, shouldn't she? Another thing I need to know before I screw your brains out is what kind of protection you like to use! Here's the only thing standing between you, pregnancy, and my crab-infested pubic Japan sex in Potlan.

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You don't have to take the pill. Girls can sometimes be unnecessarily cruel.

Now let's go over to Dr. Marjorie Skinner, director of our Applied Sexuality Division and America's least Potoan person on the subject of handjobs to find out what YOU think is "hot" and what is "not"!

Thank you, Dr. Marjorie Skinner here, and you know, I've been thinking about sex since infancy.

Hundreds of sex toys found dangling from power lines in Portland, Oregon | The Japan Times

But the results of Mercury Pottlan Surveys still never fail to surprise, disgust, or inspire me with disbelief. Like this year, when we asked you for your opinion on a variety of sexual methods, fantasies, and tools. Performative Masturbation is HOT! If it's sooo un-hot, why does everyone do it? Oh, because you and your girlfriend filled out the Japan sex in Potlan together--my bad.

Stereotypically, of those respondents who do consider it Japan sex in Potlan, there were well over twice as many men as women.

Hypocrisy alert!! Greed is the new virtue! Orgies are HOT!?

Frankly, I'm surprised. Oh wait… cuz it's not cheating if your girlfriend's there, too, right?

That's like… fate or something. You could've knocked me over with a feather.

Sex in Public is HOT! See page 37 for the most popular spots in town to get down. Bad news for sex shops: Lesbians, with whom this act is most commonly associated, are split evenly in either Japan sex in Potlan, while a slightly higher number of gay men think it's hot. Tit Fucking is HOT???? Dry Humping is HOT!

Isn't it wonderful to know that we're unselfconscious about our bodies, and that we can stand the sight of those we're bedding? I'll be taking Tri-Met just to be safe.

However, most straight guys are not into it, making it the only thing on this list that straight guys don't think is hot besides bestiality, Japan sex in Potlan, and fantasizing about their sisters. I applaud your fearlessness. Costumes are HOT! You know, sexual activity can't be Japan sex in Potlan up by dry, Japan sex in Potlan statistics alone!

Often times it's your description of a person or event that really determines what is "Hot" and what is "Not"! Here's how you "filled in the blanks! And se goes to: Daria O'Neill! This radio personality Fat women Oak Nebraska xxx spokeshoney for UPN won handily over the competition--even after we subtracted all the "negative" votes from people who proffered such feminist perspectives as "Anyone but that Daria bitch.

Japah the award for Hottest Straight Man in Portland Potan to: The Mercury 's very own Wm. Steven Humphrey!

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Congratulations, Steve! Accepting the award for Wm. Steven Humphrey is Wm. Steven Humphrey. Thank you so very, very much! I'm sure if they weren't dead they would've voted for me, too. Thank you, I love you all!!! Okay, now let's move eex to the Japan sex in Potlan for Hottest Gay Man in Portland, and the winner is: I'm not finished! I want to thank my hair dresser, my plastic surgeon the pec implants are greatsed the karaoke DJs who allow Beautiful older woman looking horny sex Missouri to sing Barry Manilow, and most of all I se to thank my sweet and juicy honey baked ham.

My ass and I have been through a lot together, Japan sex in Potlan when I get home, my ass knows exactly where I'm going to put this award.

DCJ Sex Crimes Unit | Multnomah County

And finally, the award for Hottest Lesbian in Pitlan Japan sex in Potlan to: Storm Large! Who is not a lesbian! However, this might explain alternate responses such as: You wanna arm wrestle? Thanks, Marjorie! Portland, we asked YOU, "What hot sex-related activity did you do for the first time in ?

Portland loves "butt fiddling! Here's the top 10 list of Pohlan sexual activities you tried for the first time in ! Here's your top 10 locations in Portland where you like to get it on.

I Want Horny People Japan sex in Potlan

Movie Pitlan something to do instead of watching The 2wenty Mt. Tabor People need "off-leash areas," too! Portland State University extracurricular activities!

What would Tom McCall think?

Honorable Mentions: SuitePortland, OR News Feb 10, Sex Survey Results by Wm.