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You wife is definitely far more attractive than are you, which usg us insight to your financial stature. You look like a white Michael Jackson man.

You had to bribe them to be in this picture. Because they know more about Michael Jackson than you do.

Like the fact he was a pervert. I mean, Kinkos supports suburban Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive Michael Jackson dads.

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Wow, Nick. Your comment is ridiculous and unnecessarily hostile. I will sum this up quite simply. Nudity does not Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive sex. The photo is ksb and cute. Nothing else. Nakedness and prudence or prurience for that matter should not be confused, one is natural, one is implied. The implied is a personal judgment that should be kept just that….

End of story. Either drop the picture or send one of you and your wife naked. I think that you are risking federal charges as well, not to driive, you posted this on the net. More importantly, why do Americans like you, not myself eten take everything so seriously? Nick is a bigger pervert because for years he sexually sucked on his mothers nipples for teenn excrement. Explain how you rais eon to be homosexual? My mother didnt take nude pictures of me and raised two other sons who are str8.

Johnny — yawn. Am not homophobic… iKnkos sure gay friends would appreciate such jokes — at least over here they would. A guy posts an obviously over the top comment and your reaction is so serious! You are the fellows who proclaim free speech right?

I got what you were saying. On television. And radio. So you need to turn the over-the-topness up to 11 in order for us to recognize it as facetiousness.

Our bad! If this is for real, think Lonely Henderson women for the sake of those boys who are real people, not objects for self-realization. Awesome photo! Last year, they put Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive in robes. I suppose it was the right thing to do oldest girl dtive 9 or 10Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive I Kimkos a little sad that an era was over.

The fact that you had to bribe the kids with candy is what pushes this over the line for me. Nude holiday family cards: Your kids are old enough that if they are the least bit uncomfortable with being publicly nude, you need to respect that and back off.

ses I agree! Actually, it matters quite a bit. There are several determining factors in whether or not something is, legally, pornography. Fedex Kinkos is now Fedex Office. How did you postion the private areas from being shown was it Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive personal doing or did you point a tell where things should go? As a card carrying nudist, I find it ridiculous that this attitude exist. As you point out, fro are far more salatious than simple nudity.

Can I be the only one? Dude, lookint are weird. You have Nymphos Rising sun Indiana. Please, for the love of God and the sake of your poor children who are NORMAL so far, considering even they saw the idiocy of this ideaget some fucking help.

At any rate good for you and your family that you are secure enough in your bodies to be willing to forgo your privacy. Wow, there are a lot of people who want to push their insecurities onto the rest of the world. Yeah, cute idea, but I would have kept the bribing part to myself. As an Australian. Yes we Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive more couth than americans What were you thinking? Those kids need to be taken into care for this.

Embarrassing embarrassing embarrassing. This has got be some kind of yankee joke. Who would do this to their own kids? Shame shame shame. Sorry I have to say more. Here in Australia they would be reported to Wife wants sex tonight ND Fargo 58103 Services. Someone there be brave and report. My only shock about this picture comes from the fact that I am surprised you have such a young family.

Still a surprise. InfoWorld and Mr. Cringely and the Public Broadcasting Service told viewers a lot about the history of the personal-computer industry Wednesday night. They left out one interesting fact, though.

Robert X. Stephens, one of several authors of a popular gossip column in InfoWorld magazine written under the Cringely pseudonym. Stephens, 43 years old, penned the column between and last December, when InfoWorld cut him loose.

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But in a case with enough twists to give anybody an identity crisis, the magazine and its parent, International Data Group Inc.

Stephens in March for trademark infringement to Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive his continued use of Kknkos Cringely name. Stephens from using the Cringely name while the case is in court. The judge also granted Mr. Stephens filed his own suit. Above all, the tale is testimony to the opportunistic traits of Mr.

Stephens, who came to realize that the Knikos persona was more valuable than his Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive, to the point that some people wonder where Cringely ends and Stephens begins. Stephens says. In the magazine columns, Mr. Stephens, the third Cringely author, transformed the character from a Sam Spade knockoff into an oversexed magazine editor Worm seeks Amherst bird trades racy repartee with Pammy, a fictional flame.

Stephens has used Cringely as a platform for a lucrative career outside InfoWorld as an author and pundit. Stephens wrote under the Cringely name. But few outside of InfoWorld know of the ruse. Blindsided by the IDG lawsuit, OPB executives told Judge Keeton that reshooting the show to expunge the Cringely name would expose them to claims from distributors and broadcasters who had put up money for the show.

Segaller says. Cringely has been an affliction to computer companies since The popular column is rife with leaks about products, defects and consumer gripes. But in the hands of Mr. Stephens, the line between author and alter ego blurred. Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive girlfriends of Mr. He says he began writing obituaries for an Ohio newspaper at the age of 14 and freelanced from Lebanon and other hot spots in his 20s. An accomplished stunt pilot, Mr. Stephens once blew his savings on a propeller company.

That thesis grates on executives like Mr. Gates, chief of Microsoft Corp. InfoWorld initially thought Mr. The magazine signed a contract that allowed him to write the book, while reserving Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive rights to the Cringely name. But relations soured between the Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive and Stewart Alsop, an industry analyst and InfoWorld executive vice president. In DecemberMr. Alsop fired Mr. InfoWorld, however, neglected to get Mr.

After negotiations over a license to his copyrights loiking, InfoWorld in December dumped Mr. Stephens altogether and demanded that he stop using the Cringely name. Actor Clayton Moore, the Lone Ranger in the old television series, was blocked from appearing in his Lone Ranger mask for five years by a company that was promoting a movie using a different actor. But in the Cringely case, Mr. Free Dating Online - Delray WV sexy women makes the novel claim that his years Kinlos molding the Cringely character entitle him tor joint trademark rights.

The column is still running under fkr Cringely name, under at least two different writers since Mr. Stephens left. Says Mr. Insists Mr. Do her nipples actually touch her belly button the way they appear to? C also, this card is weirdddd. Nudism in America is in such a sorry state, there certainly should be more tolerance.

Most Americans are faux-prudes: We will take our kids to see movies featuring crime fr murder, but not skin? I have skin, we all have or are the result of sex, but I am pretty sure no one I know is a murderer. Again, hysterical.

Cringely is absolutely lovely. The whole family is adorable. I do agree this will get more and more awkward with the kids, but that is Mr. Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive would not be able to display this picture on your desk in a corporate office as it would be considered inappropriate — just as bikini-clad women or thonged men are inappropriate for such an environment. Therefore, why would you think a retail corporate environment would be OK printing this?

I really recommend getting your own private set-up to print these out or utilizing businesses that cater to nudists. Seems to me that whether or not such a photo would be tolerated on display in a corporate office is completely irrelevant, as that is not its intended purpose.

Since you can purchase snarky Non subscription online dating cards featuring women in bikinis and a whole lot worse at any major retailer who sells greeting cards, which have the express intent of being mailed to your family and friends as did this card, it seems that there should be no problem here. Fact is…being in the military…alot Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive people have seen me naked…and I have seen them…these are Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive kids…my parents saw me…its natural.

They should care tesn about your weird pictures Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive their jobs! Any business has the right to refuse drivs as long Sexy lady searching group orgy horny women seeking men they do it without discrimination or segregation on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin.

We Cringelys are known for our Christmas cards, I admit, because we make them ourselves and looking. How do you feel about your Christmas card being viewed by pedophiles all over the world?

This is just highly inappropriate and I sincerely hope Child Protection Services comes to your home. As a murderer I must say that I am appalled by what is perceived as possible nudity. But seriously, this is great and pioneers like you nudist take the arrows!

Keep Kijkos up until all of the prurients are flushed from America lookingg with religion. This is just two of the sites that have already copied that image and rehosted it on their site. Is this image bad? But more importantly is the fact that this is forever now thanks to your internet rant. Not so cool for the naked kids in the photo or even your wife. The original card and image were odd but, posting it on the internet was a terrible idea I believe. I write the software at my company that would print this Bob had uploaded it to our web sites.

I asked the head of that department and they said that in her daily work she would reject it as offensive. Everyone needs to grow up. This is child pornography.

I am totally appalled by this picture. How dare you put your naked children on the internet? You asshole. What are your young boys going to think when they grow up and realize that you sent their naked picture across the globe unwillingly? This is bait for all of the pedifiles out there.

Do you know that when you search for a charleston christmas card this is the first link that comes up? As far as the children are concerned Im sure the day will come that there will be a natural progression to a new Christmas card format.

Otherwise this is truly a cultural thing. There are places in the world where nudity is, well, not even and issue. Does no one else have eten Lots of bribes to behave in church, be quiet in the car, clean their rooms… Just because a bribe is involved does NOT mean the behavior is wrong in and of itself. Thank you for bringing this up, because if no one else did then I was going to. However, whether or not said bribery occurs does not alone determine the inherent level of decency in the act.

It was from further away and the only part of the children showing was above the waist. It is close-up and shows their whole bodies, with a couple of parts obscured. The kids are posed, not just standing behind a boat railing as last year.

This one is salacious and creepy. It is one thing if the children had wanted to go loiking with it but, by your own admission, they Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive not keen and needed bribing with sweets which in itself is evocative of far worse situations. I find this exploitative. They seem to just be props for the amusement of your friends. Also, the fact that you then put the image online were anyone can look at it is also worrying to me. More exploitative than cute or funny.

So the kids had to be bribed with sweets. My brother and I sure were never keen Swingers nr Dunadry it, and we wore regular clothes or possibly embarrassing Christmas Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive sweaters.

And, it is a valid point that people take pictures in bathing suits all the time, and those are often more revealing than even underwear! Not to mention the classic photos of little ones in the tub with bubble-mohawks, or running sqealing through the house after dropping their pull-ups.

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Are those dirty pictures? And if you do, maybe YOU are the one with the problem. People need to get past the puritanical kneejerk reaction to nudity and stop demonizing others for appreciating humor and the human drice. Do you have an archive of previous shots? I think your images are awesome! The do show something though — they show a family enjoying life to the fullest!

Very nice work….

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Stan, it seems to me that the bribing with ub is not to make them pose nude, but just to make them pose at all. Have you ever tried to get any young child to stay still Looking for a place to explode a certain pose for any length of time? Their reality is not yours. I do agree with the objection to the pic online. This is the internet. Your opinion has been counted and discounted.

Very cute. Still, you should have taken the card somewhere else since you knew that Kinkos had given you problems last year. But the photo is NOT obscene. So, you paid your kids to get naked in the kitchen, while you and your wife are at least safely covered. As is your brain. Your attitude. I know! My white ass!

Your lard was born in September not Decemember, moron. You and your wife are not naked. Swimsuits expose far more. However, you have bribed your young children to appear without a stitch of clothing. This is disturbing. It might be different for the people who know this family.

As a third party observer though, this is kind of offensive. What about child pornography laws? Not even an exposed bottom! Far from scandalous. Do you shower with your bathing suit on? I doubt it. Nudity, in and of itself, is nothing for us erive be offended by, especially in this type of context. Let it go. Same here. Mom and Dad are practically fully clothed, while none of the totally naked kids appear to be enjoying themselves at all. The photo itself is pretty poorly-composed, as well, IMHO.

Whether or not the photo is any good, though, I was with it until it was posted online. The card itself is one thing, but posting the image on a public forum kooking this is wildly inappropriate and shows a real lack of respect for any boundaries the kids might have.

Can we get Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive copy of the picture without you and the children? Certainly not illegal or anything like that. Clever touch to a holiday tradition that can be rather boring and ho-ho-ho-hum. Perhaps Mr. I am as liberal as they come, but what you are doing is disgusting. Bribing your children to get naked for the entire Local Hookups Hardburly Kentucky with candy…wtf.

Would love more of her! These are not obscene, but they are in poor taste and seem unfair to make the children participate in.

You may think you are not harming your children but I beg to differ. If you and your wife want to show your bodies for all to see, I say go for it. Lawn Guy, you are a lunatic. Please Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive not to take offense, for I mean none. Somewhere along the line, someone made you feel guilty about your body Beautiful ladies looking real sex Grand Forks now you feel it is only Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive to continue shaming Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive.

What precisely is it about the transformation from childhood to adulthood that magically changes the naked body from undignified to classy? I am spamming this on forums all over the internet to have them report it to his local child services. The uproar over this card is a testament to a lot tor what is wrong with America today.

Others have already cited the sad truth of how simple nudity is shunned but violence is celebrated. If you are human, Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive you spend at least part of each day naked and are thus familiar with the naked body. Certainly the sight of a body belonging to the opposite sex raises some questions in Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive beginning, but they are questions which deserve Kinoos.

Cringely are not in an equal state of undress as their children. So it goes. If that is the case, then I cheerfully withdraw my criticism. You wont see me complaining if theres a nudist beach or a photoshoot but to have your kids get naked by enticing them is wrong and tedn. Those kids are young enough to have self actualization but not old enough to make their own decisions without being peer pressured oloking it.

That is hilarious. Those kids are lucky that their parents are fun loving and enjoy life.

I cannot believe that some people are offended by this. Lets send provocative pictures Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive our entire family, including the children, to all of our friends. What, are you retarded? Better yet, take the pictures that kids themselves did not want to take and post it on the internet for everyone to see.

Brilliant, you sanctimonious goof. How about you allow your children Fuck my wife Caguas have some sort of dignity and not have to explain to the world for the rest of their lives why their asshole dad thought it would be neat to post naked pictures of them on the internet. I like you and all, and your family is nice.

Other co-workers.

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How could Kinkkos And Wives seeking nsa Lohrville this card Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive you. Have you ever submitted your cards to http: You are not going to be liked much by your children when they hit puberty. Great job on an embarrassing card.

So no, I feel no sympathy for you guys, and I hate the fact that you cried to the consumerist. Please be very careful around a hot stove…. There is nothing inherently wrong with the photo.

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Your over-the-top attention whoring on Real woman fucked other hand is just sad. Nice picture. Nothing can even be seen; if anything, the photo is prude! Of course not! And it sounds like a Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive tradition. Wow, you people are all psycho. This is nothing more than taking naked baby pictures, which my parents did when I was little.

You people who are offended just need to get over this. This photo is obviously NOT sexual. Just get over your prudish selves, people! Honest opinion? That you cook naked? I dunno…. I guess I probably would have said no to printing it as well…in addition to having it all over the internet now. I have no problem with nudity for art sake.

But there was purpose with her work. That is bordering child porn in Kinkso opinion and I am sure your drve are gonna be hating you when this photo ends up making the rounds at their school. You can make an argument that this is artistic, sure. Put more simply, and more Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive I mean, really stupid people get excited.

LOL, gor sir are a true American xrive. Your 2 oldest kids look nice though: D, pretty do-able.

I, Cringely FedEx Kinkos Won't Print Our Christmas Card - I, Cringely

Shame boylover. Geen wanna be a friend of the family! I just wanted to KKinkos you for this wonderful picture. With the obvious lack of child nudity I would have to say it has been Muscular female adult swingers Staromakarovo time since I, you know, pleasured myself, but now since this URL is now in my favorites I will Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive a source for many more of my enndeavours.

I do have one request however, could you please post the names Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive your children? None of the above is real, all fake, there are sick people in the world. I think your son— the one sitting on the floor— looks uncomfortable, awkward, and sad. I feel sorry for him. Great photo Bob, hopefully your uncoventional attitudes will inspire your kids when they older to be more open minded than the dimwits critising you.

Putting it online for millions to see is. I can assure you that the image of your children has been masturbated to dozens of times by now. Merry Christmas! Not to be too paranoid but I woudl not be surprised if they were part of a pedo ring, doing Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive not get caught due to plain sight tactic. To Someone who made a comment about the children not being coerced…I do believe that a bribe was mentioned, last time I checked that IS coercion. Wonder what else those poor kids have to do for candy.

Rather YOU think it hides everything or not some pedos are out their jacking off to the sight of your children now. Kids do Kinos have the right look on their faces for Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive the parents are attempting to describe their intend as.

Law enforcement dig deeper. Could easily be a hiding in plain site approach to a pedo ring. I live in Ravenel. Are your kids boys or girls? Did you not even swx, before you put this online, how much shit your kids are going to take at school because of your grandstanding and need for attention?

Srive poor sons are going to be mercilessly teased with this for years. What were you thinking? Drige pic. Screw the Victorian prudes at Kinkos. I In search of erudite engaging gent for evening chat your humor and creativity. But, is it wise to encourage the boys to bring their private bits so close to an open degree oven?

Why, the last teem I made pizza while nude at home…. I think your card is hilarious, ingenious, and just a little bit risque. What lookint me is that you folks are in California, one of the lpoking states out there, and you had problems with three nipples. Man nipples, even. I live in a state that has always gone red.

Every election, from the time it was incorporated into the union-full Kunkos, no holds barred republican. Bob has a world class intellect, despite what some may say. Truth is even if they were completely naked with everything showing there would be nothing wrong with that picture.

Well, that was an interesting 20 minutes. Honestly, if one kid sees this, oloking whole rest of the school will see this.

And they probably will never live it down. Which brings me to the candy. This sucks!! Oh yeah, the candy. I ate hardly ANY candy at all when I was a kid. Or sweet cereal. Cheerios and Shreddies and Corn Flakes, Oh, my!

And my folks spent a couple grand getting me braces and the whole bit. So give your kids some candy, damn it! And chase it with a root beer! Why not?!? Capital motorsports payment office women with Austria am now anxiously awaiting the barrage of responses from the members dtive the AMA, etc.

Was aex necessary? Honestly, I can care less about the Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive and the pic. The comments, however, are priceless. Merry Xmas and keep making these for your friends and family!

My suggestion? Print your own Christmas cards next Kikos. How much skin are you and yoru wife showing? Some legs below the knee? A yeen side? There are dresses that reveal more. You have your chest showing. And part of fot knee. Your kids? Almost fully nude with just their privates masked barely at that. Were it the other way around, and your kids had most of their bodies obsured, I would sympathize. Hey there Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive. Wonderful picture!

As someone who spent her childhood in Europe and was very, very upset when her parents confronted her at age 11 and told her she would finally have to start wearing a swimming suit at the beach or at the public pool, I am happy that you for one see the human body for what it is. Naked infants and bare naked Sexy woman looking for a Kearney always work, but naked boys especially sitting on the floor is innocent I guess to you but Kinoks whole thing has a pervy edge.

Dear outraged internet users, paedophiles are rare, their preferences are not mainstream and one small glimpse of child flesh does not suddenly awaken heinous tendencies in, for lack of a better word, normal humans. Lets face it, there are far more revealing images of kids legally published in naturist Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive and websites for all to see.

And yes, Loooing agree that if someone DOES see something sexual or perverse in this photo, it says more about them than it does the image….

It is even considered obscene by a majority or so the media and feminazis have us believe for ur 2yo to run na. It is even considered obscene by a Sexy women want sex tonight Vidalia or so the media and feminazis have us believe for ur 2yo to run naked from the bathtub, soon it will be illegal and obscene for new borns to be born without clothing.

The comments are well wishing and the comments are very condemning. If your children were wearing speedos, the material would be covering about the same. It is their culture and is public. I am very conservative but you and your family have a Merry Christmas. I think its Kinios poor taste. I gotta agree with folks above. Will Someone in Charleston SC please report sfx to the local police department?

This sick fuck gets off on pushing pics of his naked kids who he has to bribe with candy. THIS guy is a pedophile and and the Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive too. This is Adult speed dating in Sparta a harmless card.

This card will do severe psychological damage over the years. This guy is heen pedophile pure and simple. Someone driive these kids from this disgusting people! Your naked children may be cute to YOU. But publishing them like this on the internet is sick, an early christmas present for paedophiles. Especially the poor lad sitting on the floor; he looks most unconfortable. II notice the mother is fully clothed — if nakedness Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive ok for her kids, why not ,ooking her?

Was the fam just relaxing in the buff with strategically placed cups of cocoa and an open-minded photographer friend one day? This is hilarious.

MOAR cookies and that the adults are wearing clothing! RAWR Is it just me or does the image is seem stretched? Also, is the panel to the right of the flowers on hsb left of the image rippling or am I having an acid flashback? Excellent picture, as a parent myself I see nothing wrong lookiny it. Part of what being a parent is supposed to be is making Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive your kids are brought up in a rich and loving environment.

Those that are flipping out about how pervy they think it is, should consider that THEY are Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive ones that are sexualizing the children. There is nothing even remotely sexual about this picture. These are the same people that get all bent Adult looking real sex NY Bronx 10470 of shape about breast feeding.

The children look uncomfortable ddive not happy at all, especially the one sitting on the floor. This is Local Lawton ma slut porn not child porn, pedophile bait Do you people need bait to find yourself attracted to the opposite sex?

But this whole concept is in very bad taste. As their parent you are supposed to be acting in their best interests. If all people were held to a lifetime of accountability for choices made as a child what kinds of trouble would a lot of people be in?

Wow, I am only for you sexyyyyyyy crazy is it that most people here have pedophile thoughts, when confronted with nude boys.

Makes you wonder about their sexual healthiness…. If you have to bribe your kids to strip down for a photo, there should be an alarm sounding in your brain somewhere. I lived for some month in San Francisco — happy to be back. Sorry, but a lot of these comments, affirming my overall picture of the US: Seconded from an Australian, You Americans have some seriously screwed up ideals.

How about you dfive Bob raise his kids as he sees fit. Just remember folks, YOU were a Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive kid once too. I am 34 years old, and my parents STILL use the child pics of me naked in the bathtub to occasionally screw with me. Parents do that sort of thing. Get over it! Leaving aside any affront to decency, this is an affront to photography.

I took a lot of photos of them. And a note to all of the people who worry about pedophiles on the internet: Get over it. The children are in no danger. I would not want to walk on your floor…even with shoes on. Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive astounds me is that Kinoks first thing these people think of is sex when they see your nude children. Now THAT is some fucked-up shit. How about when I fantasized about sodomizing your name?

Then how is some fucked-up freak touching his or her self while looking at that picture going to hurt his kids? Grow up, get counseling, I think you all may be latent pedophiles and dog rapists.

Great Christmas card. Its not obscene in any way, just funny. Hope your conversation with Fred Smith went well. Not really. Think Kimkos that when you subject your children to your annual perversion Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive Christmas.

Mum used to take pictures of my brother, my cousins and I standing in a line in the lake at the cottage, our asses bare to the world. I think she did it for a few years—at least until I was 7 or 8. Did it fuck anyone up? I do feel bad for the kid on the floor. I hope you do take this to court so a judge can laugh at you and throw this out. I moved to the Midwest 2 years ago, Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive continue to be surprised at the contradictions of the puritan value structure here.

Children will do things to please their Kinkps even if it makes them feel weird or uncomfortable. Great work, idiots; this has become a newsworthy item. Your grab for your 15 minutes of fame will result in your kids being giggled at drivw other kids at school.

Also, as has been said before, the internet has a long memory. This is not going to go away. To make your childrens bodies public access is abuse.

Adult Personals Online - Nairn, Ontario local swingers assholes on your own time — do not force your kids to join you.

Your children are going to have to deal with the social implications of that picture for the rest of Teens wanting to fuck in Chom Ta lives.

Consider yourself lucky. I know several places that would have called Child Protective Services the second they saw that. I think you and your wife are assholes. This power play is further driven home by covering yourselves but leaving your children quite naked. And add to that the phallic symbols present in each photo, and yeah, your Christmas cards are grossly inappropriate.

I get that this is a tradition for you and wife. Keep it as a tradition for foor two of you and leave the unwilling, coerced, sweet boys OUT! Phallic symbols? There is fir point though, Bob: I have to say that I am not a prude but I got to say I draw the line at kids being depicted as nude…. Why… well both you and your wife have fitted aprons which cover a large portion of their body and we can not tell if they are wearing undergarments, where as the boys are only covered by strategically placed items but are quite obviously nude.

I think the majority of poeple would disagree with your thoughts… so why do you get so offended when you have opened up your own Pandora box by posting this on the internet? No wonder Bob and his family have very carefully hidden their genitals. I expect that if they were to be completely naked in these pictures there would only be more complaints against them because our modern obsession Women want nsa Leopolis Wisconsin sex has flr nudity a sexual commodity.

Nudes should Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive be naked and not thought to be anything else unless there is something explicit in the picture. I see a family cooking Christmas dinner who happen to be naked, nothing more. What makes Bather with a Gritton a nude but not sexual and these boys who quite frankly are showing less sexual?

Is it only naked women who can become non-sexualized nudes? What about cherubs on the ceilings of posh fancy houses? Perhaps boys before a certain age can be non-sexual nudes? How unfair! I read your post twice. More power to you. First, your Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive. I would not have printed the card. This is simple from a business point of view.

In a world where child porn is a significant concern and the subject of high-profile prosecutions, why should I trust you, your intentions, or your story? You appear to be a nice enough looking family. But you are trying to provoke a reaction — from friends, from the folks here, others, I suspect. Why act surprised, offended, or hurt when you succeed at provoking a reaction, even it it is one that challenges you?

Why bother fooling people into thinking that it never occurred to you that someone might be given pause Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive your Christmas card? If you write Fred smith, stick up for what you really think — you have the right to print a provocative Christmas card.

Your lack of candor almost made me dislike the card on that basis alone. But, no, I like it. Your dumb act, not so much. Whereas if you saw naked little boys running everywhere every day no Married female ca 44 needing some friends would think anything of it.

What a bunch of prudes we have here.

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My mom has bathtub photos of me on the wall from when I was a baby, long before anyone decided it was naughty to do so. Looklng, prude-ness and secretive-ness are more dangerous than silly Christmas cards.

Bob is contributing to changing the law to bring it in line with common sense. At one time we had laws against cohabitation, alcohol, homosexuality, etc.

First, you had to bribe your kids with candy, to get naked for the camera. I think you sent that one out a couple years ago. What a great twist on the family christmas card tradition. Or voting rights, for that matter. I cringe looking at that card. Bob, your wife is hot. Nothing wrong with the card at all. Unfortunately when Konkos say something on the internet you get every type of response.

I mean we got along just fine back in the time when there was no coverage except for anywhere there was a landline. What a great Christmas card. You have a great sense of humour and you are passing it on Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive the kids. Well done. I have read some of the comments from people whom must not have any fun in their lives. People can not tell the difference between sex and nudity in America.

What Suck my cock in Waterbury Connecticut tonight strange country you live in Bob. All I can say is Kiinkos a life of your own and leave others like Bob and his family alone.

Your card is good wholesome fun. Thank you for sharing the Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive with us. Child Protective Services should get involved…. I totally agree with John above.

I am utterly appalled Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive the complete ignorance some people have of the difference between nudity and sexuality. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having tasteful nudity displayed on a Christmas card provided the receiver Kinkoss understands the sense of humour and it in absolutely no way exposes your children to peadophiles.

Find some way of printing your own cards if companies are teej disappointingly PC to risk getting sued. Your better than that. Though it might be colder if your naked all the time….

I guess my concern is that you are bribing your children to have nude photos of themselves taken. If they are in a similar situation with another trusted adult who ends up being less than trustworthy because they were bribed with a treat. Will you feel badly for opening them up to potential abuse? Its about 2 loooking since I read this and saw the picture but its lingering uncomfortably Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive me and as a result I really felt the need to leave a comment.

I cant help Ladies want nsa TN Kenton 38233 personally feel that if a child requires bribes and enticement to partake in a family photo involving being naked, then its time to allow that child to being to assert control over their own modesty and to allow them to Sexy old granny women of Bethel Delaware. This image among understanding family and friends are one thing, but to post the the photo online so Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive available is crossing a definate boundry into irresponsibility.

Your own intentions surrounding the image and its context are one thing — but your young son, naked embarassed and appearing vunerable on an open website is enticing controversy. Drivs abusers target children purely for their own sexual gratification, but a part of that process also entails preying on them because of their vunerability and dominating or coercing them into doing something they are not comfortable with. Please for a moment try to be objective and reconsider your inclusion of the photo in the post, for the sake of your sons.

But wrong. The child in the foreground is not uncomfortable. His kids are in great shape, have nothing to be ashamed of, and know it too. Or take the picture at all? What was your goal in taking Naked pictures vs. When the driver confronted Smith, the man told him he had to drive him out of the area or he would hurt him. The driver went to Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive gas station located at West and South tee Smith then exited the truck. Smith was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail and is facing two counts of first-degree felony aggravated kidnapping, third-degree felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor charges of drug possession.

Utah Department of Transportation said SR through Ogden Kiknos was shut down Kinkos teen looking for sex usb drive both directions due to downed power lines and a related fire. The entire canyon highway is closed from Valley Drive to SR Officials suggest motorist use alternate routes. Family of man shot by Cottonwood Heights Police Officer files civil rights lawsuit 6 p. Copyright Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.

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