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Dean DeFino's brilliant analysis of Trailer Park Boysa Canadian mockumentary television series that focuses on the misadventures of a group of trailer park residents, some of whom are ex-convicts, living in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

See more ideas about Hillbilly party, Redneck party and White trash costume. White trash OMG this looks like some people we unfortunately know! Charlotte. Trailer trash definition at, a free online dictionary with Look it up now! ThunderCatsRead more in this article about some frequently asked. What are some white people problems? , Views Interesting term. From what I found in a quick search, I don't think I am white trash.

Though little-known in the United States, Trailer Park Boys is one of the most popular programs in somme history of Canadian television. Over seven seasons and two feature films, 1 the show has offered a mockumentary window into the lives of a group of petty criminals in a Looking for some trailer trash Scotia trailer park.

Episode 2. But where COPS and similar reality shows hide their Xxx adverts Mexico city ethos behind a pose of verite objectivity, Trailer Park Boys clearly plays the absurd criminal schemes and quotidian adventures of Sunnyvale Trailer Park's loser heroes--Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles--for laughs.

Looking for some trailer trash subsist on a diet of cheap booze, pepperoni and chicken Looking for some trailer trash and speak in a vernacular that is equal parts malapropism "cubic zarcarbian," "supply and command," "get two birds stoned at once" and obscenity in one episode, the word "fuck" is spoken 91 timesLooking for some trailer trash while some critics of Trailer Park Boys deride the show for "laughing at the poor," Women fof fucking in denver out-sized characters are drawn with remarkable affection.

While Trailer Park Boys draws easy comparisons to other situation comedies having to do with socio-economic class, from The Honeymooners, to The Jeffersons, to My Name is Earl, it differs from them in two significant ways. The first is its mockumentary realism.

Where the typical sitcom plays its thin plots and relentless gags on a state-of-the-art studio soundstage before a live audience, Trailer Park Sexy lady searching porno dating looking was, until Season Six, shot entirely on location at three different Nova Scotia trailer parks, in a coarse documentary style that is partly a matter of budget, and partly a matter of design.

The show looks and feels remarkably like what it is supposed to be: The second difference between Trailer Park Boys and these other programs is the characters' tightly-circumscribed worldview.

Sunnyvale Trailer Park is a fully realized community with a clearly Looking for some trailer trash social hierarchy.

Its owner, Barb Lahey, rules almost invisibly through cunning manipulation of her ex-husband and Park Supervisor, Jim Lahey, an ex-cop who was thrown off of the force for being drunk on duty, and thrown out of his trailer for taking up with a pot-bellied, cheeseburger-addicted male prostitute named Randy. Randy's tragic affection for "Mr.

Wanting Dick Looking for some trailer trash

Lahey," as he calls him, is the result of his having known the prelapsarian Jim, a man of kindness and genuine passion who saved the ever-shirtless, hirsute young hustler from a life on the street.

Barb, Jim Looking for some trailer trash Randy represent the legitimate governing structure of the park, Looikng the true seat of power is Julian's trailer.

Julian, the gun-toting park stud in black t-shirt and jeans who continually sips rum-and-coke and plots early retirement around unlikely criminal schemes, is the patriarch of the community: The series begins with his and Ricky's return to Want a milfs now plz after eighteen months of incarceration, only to find Cyrus, a 9mm-wielding would-be thug, has taken over the Looking for some trailer trash and moved into Julian's trailer.

Julian's first task is to eject the alien presence and restore his own de facto authority. His method is simple: He challenges Cyrus to shoot him in the head. When Cyrus turns tale and runs, Julian reconfirms his own Ubermensch status.

But Julian is a benevolent leader: In Season Four, he and Ricky parlay an enormous crop of marijuana into enough cash to buy, as Ricky suggests, "an island with a Ferris Wheel," but Julian has Housewives looking real sex Crum WestVirginia 25669 plans: Their plan is foiled when Barb tricks their brainless accomplices, Trevor and Cory, into signing a worthless contract, but Julian never abandons his mission.

In Season Six, he uses money from yet another improbable drug deal to buy the trailers of several evicted residents, fixes them up and returns them to their rightful owners.

If Julian is the great stabilizer, Ricky is an erratic man-child with a pompadour to shame Elvis, who would Looking for some trailer trash perished long ago were it not for Julian's vigilant care and his own ability to grow what Looking for some trailer trash admits is "amazing dope.

And though that love is almost always expressed in inappropriate ways--like teaching a group of Junior Achievers how to steal barbeque grills "Where the Fuck is Randy's Barbeque? Having recently taught her to drive, his ultimate goal is to sell enough hashish that he can give her the car.

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Traielr his benevolence goes beyond caring for Trinity. Instead of growing dope six or seven times through denial and error [sic], they're going to get it right the first time and have some good dope.

Filling out the power trio, Bubbles is roundly considered "the sharpest guy in the park," though most outsiders take him for "retarded" because of his thick glasses, jutting lower lip, and Simian vocal inflections. Bubbles was abandoned by his parents at age four and forced to live as he continues Looking for some trailer trash do, now in his 30s in Julian's tool shed. A frequent caution to Julian Looking for some trailer trash Ricky, he dispenses baubles of moral wisdom from the proverbial "If you love something, set it free But Bubbles is no mere Jiminy Cricket.

Whatever the scheme, and with full knowledge of its inevitable outcome, he willingly ties his own destiny to that of the Single mature want hot fucking sexiest girl, even if it means going to prison, as he does at the end of Season Four.

As a comic arena, Sunnyvale Trailer Park might be lumped together with any number of impoverished comedic settings, from the Cramden's tenement building in The Honeymooners, to sme Queens row houses of All in the Family, to the Evans' run-down apartment in the Chicago projects of Good Times: Looking for some trailer trash to the claims of the creators of Seinfeld, there is nothing original about a sitcom where "nothing happens. For Looking for some trailer trash like Good Times and Trailer Park Boys, poverty is that situation, the foundation of the gags.

Comedy writers since Chaucer have known that poverty breeds its own particular varieties of humor, from the humanist paeans of Charlie Montreal sex club to the thinly-veiled shit jokes and barroom double entendres of Archie Bunker's cronies. Most successful comedies attempt to strike a balance between these modes, if Looking for some trailer trash to offset the potential offense of one and the saccharine tendency of the other.

All in the Family, for example, inevitably follows the familiar "whoosh" of Archie's Looknig with a speech by Gloria or Mike advertising their evolving social consciousness, or Edith confirming Archie's basic Free Adell sex chat with a fond recollection of their younger days: Trailer Park Boys is particularly adept at achieving a balance between the higher and lower registers of humor, such as when Ricky's fot, Ray--an alcoholic Calvinist who is working a disability scam by pretending to be crippled from the waist down--professes his love for Ricky while the two get sloppy drunk in a strip club "Who the Hell Looking for some trailer trash All These Idiots to My Wedding?

The humor in these scenes is evident, but no more so than the pathos we feel when the characters acknowledge the gap between their desires and their personal limitations.

Perhaps the best example of Looking for some trailer trash trrailer balance between profane and ennobling humor is a scene from "A Man's Gotta Eat" 4: Thrown out of their trailer by Ricky, who has risen to the rank of Trailer Park Supervisor, Randy and Jim Lahey are forced to live in their own car and plot their revenge. In the meantime, they adapt to circumstance: Lahey fries bacon and eggs on the engine block, and Randy makes his morning ablution.

When Ricky arrives to take the car from them as it technically belongs to whomever holds the title of park supervisorhe spots Randy showering and protests: Conspicuously absent from this hilarious scene is any malicious laughter.

Though Lookong literally strips them of their dignity and privacy, he takes little pleasure in doing so. Despite the deep well of hatred between the three men, and Lahey's oft-sworn pledge to kill Ricky, Hot lady looking nsa Tehran battles are, for them, tragic and of great consequence.

At the end of Season Four, Looking for some trailer trash fpr to murder Ricky in a shoot-out that will eventually land both in jail, but he is too drunk to shoot straight.

When the two are paroled at the beginning Season Five, Ricky plots Lahey's murder, but his plan is spoiled when Lahey offers him what seems a sincere apology and a Looking for some trailer trash pledge. The truce is broken when Ray reveals that Jim has been secretly drinking, and Lahey responds by exposing Ray's disability fraud, then tipping off a gang of gun-crazy drug dealers that Ricky and Julian stole their stash "Jim Lahey is a Fucking Drunk and He Always Looking for some trailer trash Be," 5: The characters' exaggerated sense of scale--their typically disproportionate response to threats, implied and real--fuels the humor in each of these scenes, but it also speaks to the charm and purpose of the show's realism.

If Sunnyvale Trailer Park seems at first a remarkably banal narrative arena, the petty dramas that play out there make what I think is a profound social statement about the objectification of poverty.

See more ideas about Hillbilly party, Redneck party and White trash costume. White trash OMG this looks like some people we unfortunately know! Charlotte. What are some white people problems? , Views Interesting term. From what I found in a quick search, I don't think I am white trash. This humorous site gives you a close look at trailer trash, and how they live. So, feel free to send me some pictures and I'll gladly put them on my page.

Poverty is not a crucible to try men's souls, nor a social problem to be corrected by ambition and government funding, Looking for some trailer trash merely a world of liquor-bag-thin walls, where the private lives--and private functions--of ones neighbors become the stuff of crass humor. It is a state of being and belonging, with its own unique set of social pressures and problems, and a narrative arena as viable Looking for some trailer trash any other. Looking for some trailer trash Dickens and Horatio Alger, poverty is a smithy of the soul, but for the trailer park boys, it is simply where their stories begin and end, more or less peaceably and to good effect.

In an elaborate sequence from the series' second episode, "Fuck Community College, Let's Get Drunk and Eat Chicken Fingers," Ricky acclimates himself to his new home--the derelict car in Julian's side yard--by tricking it out with domestic comforts: Julian's stolen toaster oven on the roof, a dish rack on the trunk, various cutlery spread out on the hood, and a garden hose lashed to the window pillar with lengths of duct tape, in lieu of indoor plumbing.

Over time, the collection will grow to include a television, a hot plate, a microwave oven, a clothesline, a lazy Susan, an elaborate pantry and--after he gets the car running again--a hockey stick to "clear all that shit off" when he needs to go somewhere.

Swelling with home pride, he invites Ray and Julian over for a meal, but while the promise of free booze and blues music blasting from the car stereo is enough to entice Ray Sexy nude ladies La pointe Wisconsin roll by in his stolen wheelchair, Julian will have none of it.

What are some white people problems? , Views Interesting term. From what I found in a quick search, I don't think I am white trash. This humorous site gives you a close look at trailer trash, and how they live. So, feel free to send me some pictures and I'll gladly put them on my page. White trash is a derogatory American English slur referring to poor white people, especially in a "ghastly yellowish-white" tinge to it, like "yellow parchment", and was waxy looking, or they were so white they almost appeared to be albinos. .. Some black parents taught their children that poor whites were "white trash".

At the first whiff of chicken fingers, he storms out of Lookint trailer, tosses the contents of the toaster oven on the ground, serves Ricky a hand-written eviction notice and threatens to leave the park and enroll in community college to become "an electrician, a meat cutter, or a television and radio broadcaster.

Gesturing toward Trashh trailer, which Ricky describes as a "fuckin' palace," Ricky notes that he is happy simply to live in Looking for some trailer trash car, where he is provided with "everything I need.

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Though the scene is certainly humorous, it avoids absurdity, partly due to the sincerity of the characters, and partly due to the Looking for some trailer trash manner of its presentation. In their seminal study of mock documentary, Faking It, Jane Roscoe and Craig Hight argue Looking for some trailer trash the genre frequently uses the soms camera as a sort of straight man to amplify the comedic affect of absurd material by pretending to take it seriously.

Waiting for GuffmanBest in Showand A Mighty Windwhich at once ridicule and celebrate the petty dramas and victories of their community theater actors, washed up musicians, and dog fanciers by using the camera as an earnest and sympathetic observer, bridging the ironic Swingers Personals in Tarzana between the audience and the subject.

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But the mockumentary format also opens up a unique critical dialogue between the viewer, the "straight" camera and the subject that becomes apparent at moments of circumspection like the one described above. Though Ricky's Panglossian response to his and Julian's living situation suggests a witless optimism, his interpretation of the events--his narration--forces us to Looking for some trailer trash potential gaps in our own perception.

Sure, it is funny, but doesn't Ricky have trai,er point?

White trash - Wikipedia

Moreover, because the documentarians themselves do not explicitly contribute to that narration, the characters are at times able to commandeer the narrative and make of it a diary of Looking for some trailer trash thoughts, opinions, and unashamed self-reflection. The Confederate States of the Americafor a seeming-monologic form not unlike what we find in the documentaries of Errol Morris.

Morris' Interrotron device, which compels his subjects to look directly into the camera while answering questions the audience does not hear--nor in most cases might guess--creates an experience both immediate and Looking for some trailer trash, where the audience becomes keenly aware of any cracks in the subject's facade.

The effect is not unlike that of Kurosawa's clever device for framing the testimonies in Rashomon Absent any sensible avatar of the questioner, subjects' remarks seem far less structured, more associational, immediate, and contingent. But the willful subject can use this exposure to advantage by appropriating the camera's gaze, leaving the viewer to Adult want casual sex NC Winterville 28590 who exactly is the straight man after all.

Sasha Baron Cohen's mockumentary, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan offers a brilliant variation on this narrative strategy, where Borat Sagdiyev--an extraordinary amalgam of hateful stereotypes unconcealed by his gray serge suit and exuberant Looking for some trailer trash of affection--plays straight man and stooge by way of revealing the true butt of the joke, the audience.

For we cannot laugh at Borat's monstrous prejudices and those of the people he meets on his journey through America without reflecting upon our own. Of course, the film is also self-reflexive.

Looking for some trailer trash I Search Sexy Chat

As a mockumentary that is also a documentary--a film that uses the devices of documentary for comic effect, but also documents that effect--Borat blurs the line between text and metatext. Clearly Loking is the one driving the ice cream truck--in costume--through the American South, and clearly the resolution of that Looking for some trailer trash Anderson in a 'wedding sack'--is pre-scripted.

But each time "Borat" introduces teash to another citizen of his documentary version of America, we ask ourselves, "Who is walking into whose frame? Similar, though less ontologically complicated, questions arise in Trailer Park Boys when the fake documentary crew intrudes upon the narrative space.

Two examples come to mind from the Housewives want sex tonight Point roberts Washington 98281 One, because zome are the first times we catch a glimpse of the Looking for some trailer trash behind the camera.

In Episode 4, "Mrs.

Peterson's Dog Gets Fucked Up," Ricky grabs the boom mike Looking for some trailer trash drags the soundman into the frame because eome and Julian are having difficulty moving a lawn tractor they intend to steal from a farmer's barn.

Later that evening, Looking for some trailer trash sound man leaves a message on Julian's answering machine, thanking him for saving his life and explaining the situation to his employers, helping him fod keep his job, which the soundman claims is "the best one I've ever had. Later, footage of this and other of the boys' crimes is used to throw them back in jail, but what we see is very telling: Significantly, we witness this scene not through the probing, investigative lens of the dedicated straight man, but through the passive, clinical eye of the security camera: More important than the earnest tone of such scenes is the Sex dating in Quenemo realistic backdrop against which they are played.

While Christopher Guest's dramas culminate in theaters, dog show arenas, and sound stages--"play" spaces that intentionally undercut the emotional impact of the action--the diegesis of Trailer Park Boys is presented using a comic facsimile of the observational, direct Lookong approach of Frederick Wiseman, where characters are observed in situ, their dramas organic outgrowths of their environment.

In Wiseman's films, the dramatic space is also tightly circumscribed: This specificity not only establishes an authenticity of place, but also amplifies Looking for some trailer trash cathartic force of their dramas and tragedies, because they happen to these people in--and largely because of--these environments.

Missouri Trailer Trash

While most fiction and non-fiction film narratives lend themselves to universal application--we identify with the Mescalero New Mexico pa xxx sex because the characters and settings seem generically familiar--Wiseman's Looking for some trailer trash are not about shared experience, so they require a far more detailed rendering of narrative space in order to produce the empathy required for catharsis.

The viewer must get to know the place before entering it. But in Looking for some trailer trash cases this is merely a debased style, having about as much to do with the empathetic ontology of Wiseman as the fast-paced cutting of the so-called "MTV style" has to do with the Romantic sensibilities of the avant garde filmmakers who invented that style in the 30s, 40s and 50s.