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Male model seeks wealthy friends

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Don't you look at rich people and find too many of them, well, dull? Don't you listen to rich people and think: Other than money?

In fact, doesn't it astonish you a little that you walthy so much, see so much, and can do so much, yet you really don't have much money at all? The study, entitled " Talent vs Luck: The Role of Randomness in Success and Failure ," looked at people over a year period. Still, Male model seeks wealthy friends and friends mapped such apparent basics as intelligence, skill, and ability in various fields.

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They then looked at people over a year period, discerned what sort of things had happened Male model seeks wealthy friends them, and compared that with how wealthy they had become.

They discovered that the conventional distribution freinds wealth -- 20 percent of humanity enjoys 80 percent of the wealth -- held true.

They still hurt, even though we know they're true: The researchers actually looked at different events that had happened in Male model seeks wealthy friends lives and ranked them according to how lucky or unlucky these events were.

And the less successful individuals are also the unluckiest ones," they said.

The danger here is that such a conclusion offers a blessed excuse to many who have chosen not to use their talents in ways that might have brought them fortunes. But there are those, Male model seeks wealthy friends, who actively don't seek to be wealthy, but prefer a life that makes them, well, happier. The scientists, though, offer some rude awakenings to those who prefer to imagine that the wealthy have some special talent.

Indeed, I've worked over the years with one or two colossally wealthy types and come away, in more than one case, thinking, in the words of the great Los Lobos: On the other hand, I meet so many wonderful, talented, fascinating people Male model seeks wealthy friends never made much money at all.

In the end, my test is very simple: With whom would there be glorious laughter?

I will leave you, though, with the researchers' words, ones that may say so much about our current world: After all, one person's idea of talent is another person's idea of Simon Cowell. The opinions expressed here by Inc.

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