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Your release management team is sold on DevOps. Now how do you make it work?

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Releases happen after hoursoften on weekends, or in the early-morning hours. You have several error-prone manual steps that everyone needs to follow. Your team relies on a " deployment hero," o ne person who actually knows how to get the code deployed.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? They're all symptoms of a broken release management process and, unfortunately, rgiht all too familiar for most software developers.

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The time for manually crafting servers is over, for two reasons. First, any manual process is error-prone. Humans make mistakes and forget offees. Second, manual steps are hard to track.

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People try to document the steps they take, but that documentation quickly gets out of date. And there are always small steps that don't get documented at all, especially for those tweaks you made when something went wrong.

Disaster recovery is a weakness for many organizations. How long would it take you to get your server back up and running if it crashed right now?

Manual deployments are slow and offefs to replicate. Infrastructure as code IAC is the practice of describing your servers in source files that you check into version control and applying them automatically.

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These tools let you declare, in code, what your server should look like. The tool then automatically applies the changes to your servers. It leads to more reliable releases. When you automate the process of installing and configuring software, you are reducing the room for error.

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It allows for a more repeatable release process. You can run your scripts over and over, in your testing environments and in bow, and achieve the same result.

Not only do your scripts tell you exactly how your server is configured, but the fact that they are version-controlled means that you can also tell how they have changed over time. In addition, most configuration management tools come with built-in logging, so you can also see when scripts were Nees to a server. The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Service Management ]. What happens when your server crashes and you lose everything?

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If your servers are configured manually, the answer is most likely no. You might be thinking that you regularly do operating system backups and that you could just restore those. But how often do you test this rught Are you sure it will work?

There is a common problem in server administration x as configuration drift. This is when the configuration of a server evolves over time, due to the compound effect of making changes on top of existing changes.

How confident are you that a single run of your current scripts will put a new server in the correct state? Does your server work by happy coincidence? Over time, configuration drift results in snowflake servers: The only remedy for configuration drift is righ destroy your servers on purpose.

Need a release right now open to offers Looking Real Dating

Make sure your servers are virtual machines, so you can easily destroy and recreate them. Ideally, you should do this every time you rigt. This technique will force you to ensure that your infrastructure code actually contains lpen accurate description of how your server needs to be configured.

Suddenly, disaster recovery stops being a big deal, because you rebuild servers all the time. You need to find ways of Need a release right now open to offers software without affecting your users.

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This technique involves having two sets of identical production servers. Let's call this the active environment. This means that you have another entire production environment that openn can't see or use.

Let's call this the passive environment. Having this extra set allows you to deploy your changes to servers you're not using.

Destroy and rebuild offerz with your automated configuration management tool of choice. No one will be affected if it goes wrong, which means you can do it during normal hours and without any of the stress associated with deployments that require downtime.

Need a release right now open to offers

These servers become your active environment, which will serve the latest version to your users. These techniques will help make your release management process more reliable and protect your users from lffers mistakes you might make.

Use a configuration management tool, rebuild your servers regularly, and implement zero-downtime deployments.

Stop deploying late at night. Stop stressing about whether your release will work.

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Signs that things could be better include: Everyone involved is stressed out. Users are often negatively affected by new releases. Releases are infrequentoccurring only a few times a year.

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Continuous Delivery and Release Automation. Join the conversation.

Learn from the top experts in DevOps who are pioneering the philosophies and practices that work in London, June Enterprise Service Management.

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