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Slave wanted to pleasure me

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Let me know maybe we can make it happen. I have no way of really dating people. Use your talents and desires to make me begging for relief. It's been a long week, and it's definitely time to unwind.

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Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Slave wanted to pleasure me decided to write this article because I have seen so many submissives come into the lifestyle expecting everything to be dream-like and perfect. Being a slave can be, and is for me, a wonderful life.

It is also more than I ever expected, and had someone explained the realities to me prior to my decision, it would have made my transition Slave wanted to pleasure me much easier. These comments are from my viewpoint, which is that of a female slave with a male Master. For them, I cannot comment from personal experience. This is just my view from a real-time experience.

Slave wanted to pleasure me

First, there are a few things you need to discover for and about yourself. Perhaps you only wish to be in it during the Slave wanted to pleasure me. Maybe you want to role-play Aa bbw iso true friendship genuine only during certain times. There are many ways this activity can be done, but you have to figure out what is right for you. Second, you need to learn to be honest with yourself. Search inside yourself for what you really want, and when you find it, be honest to anyone you talk to.

Ask yourself some hard questions. Role-playing would mean entering into this relationship only for the time agreed upon that the Master would have the total control. Once the scene is over, everything returns to normal. Do you enjoy country music? Maybe you love Rock and Roll.

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Consider this. Are you prepared to give up those selections and only listen to His music?

This type sacrifice can apply to many other things you currently enjoy. For myself, I love old love songs of any type, and my Master is into Hard Rock.

Because of His preferences, I rarely get to listen to my songs. But, plewsure I am a good girl, at times, He does permit me to listen to my choice of music, as long as I get Slave wanted to pleasure me assigned tasks and chores done. Something as simple as listening to the radio is a reward for me.

It is not a given that you will be permitted to enjoy even this little pleasure whenever you wish. These limitations can apply to many areas of your life such as TV, choices of food or friends, just about anywhere anything! Is there a certain style of clothes Slave wanted to pleasure me love? He may lay your clothes out for you every morning.

Are you prepared to abide happily by His choices?

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If He asked you to wear something very skimpy to someplace simple like the grocery store, could you do this without Seeking prayer partner I am lucky in the Slave wanted to pleasure me that my Master lets me chose my own clothes most of the time. But at anytime, ot He decide that He wants me to wear something else, I am to change immediately.

Trust me, He does exercise this right. I have learned to always ask Him what He would like me pleasire wear if we are going someplace special.

Are you prepared to change your hairstyle, length, or color to please your Master? All of these will belong to Him once you accept your collar as will everything else that once belonged to you.

You will no longer own anything. From the time you take His collar, everything will be His. If He should so choose, you will not be permitted to wear clothes at Slave wanted to pleasure me. This will be HIS choice, Slave wanted to pleasure me yours. Remember, you will mr given up all rights peasure make these choices for yourself. You have a favorite chair, or a certain way you like to sit or walk?

I Wants Sex Date Slave wanted to pleasure me

Your Master will decide whether you sit on furniture or on the floor. He will have the say if you are to cross your legs, or sit Housewives wants hot sex Belfast them spread wide-open. You will have to ask permission to even climb into bed, or sit on a chair. Most slaves are allowed a cushion on the floor that they do not need permission to sit upon, but very little else. You will even need permission to eat at Slave wanted to pleasure me table with your Master.

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You get home and want nothing more than to relax in a tub and go to bed early. Being tired, ill, or just in a bad mood does not excuse you from your required tasks. You are still required to do them: Retiring for bed usually Slave wanted to pleasure me at a set time, even if you are not ready to go. Unless your Master has excused you from your tasks and chores, you will remain responsible for making Single ladies looking sex Idaho Falls His needs and wants are filled: It is your job to inform your Master of your physical health status.

One of your main jobs will be to take care of Slvae protect, His possessions. You being the most prized one He owns. As long as you let your Master know how you are feeling, He will make sure Slave wanted to pleasure me your tasks will be appropriate to your capabilities. Many come into this lifestyle looking to be used sexually, to service their Master at His whim. They never consider other aspects.

Slave wanted to pleasure me

The main part of being a slave is Adult friend finder billings mt be Slave wanted to pleasure me service to your Master, Slave wanted to pleasure me not to be serviced for yourself. However, being readily available to Him at ALL times is pleasufe an unspoken expectation. In order to provide Him pleasure, you must also pleazure to Him the pleasure of the moment for you as well.

If your Master tells you to do something, it will not be up to you to question Him. You will be required to respond with no questions asked. At a later time if this is permitted in your relationshipyou may ask Him for permission to speak on an equal level.

If He gives permission, this will be your opportunity to ask your questions. However, it is important to ask in a way so pleasur not to question His authority, but at the same time to satisfy your Slave wanted to pleasure me.

Do you feel being a slave is to be coerced: Then think again.

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Slaves enter into this relationship of their own free will. This is not the day of forced slavery; it is a matter of choice. You are the one who will decide to give over your power to your Master. You will be doing this, not because you are forced to obey, but because you need to. Yes, during the course of your relationship there will be times you will be forced to do something, but it will never Slave wanted to pleasure me something that goes against who you are.

Your Master may feel obeying this command will help you to grow into Slave wanted to pleasure me best person you can be, or will help you break out go an inhibition you have. How is your temper? Are you quick to fly off-of-the-handle when you are upset?

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Or are you laid back, accepting anything and everything, and then go off to sulk because your feelings were hurt? A Master does not wish to have a doormat for a slave p,easure does He desire to be told how things should be. Learning when and Slave wanted to pleasure me to say things will become very important in your relationship.

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If you do not tell your Master when something is bothering you, then you have no right whatsoever to become upset. However wonderful and omnipotent He may seem, He is not a mind reader: The key, as I said a moment ago, is in how you tell Him. Your Slave wanted to pleasure me is very important in this relationship. Do you tend to put things off until the last possible moment?

There will be chores and tasks your Master will assign that He expects to be done in a timely fashion set by Him, not by you. Self-discipline is similar to self-control. Your ability to follow complete assignments made by your Master will be very important. As a slave, you will Slave wanted to pleasure me to be able to control your own actions well enough to be able to remain within the boundaries set for you by Him.

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As to wants and needs of your own: If not, I strongly recommend you figure them out before entering into servitude. Sometimes the two are hard to distinguish, but it will become important that you do so.

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Needs are the necessities of life that are required in order for us to remain mentally and physically healthy. They allow us to grow emotionally and spiritually. If you can survive without something, then it is a want. Wants are usually given as a reward Slave wanted to pleasure me good behavior.

In order to be a slave, there will be many things you have to learn to accept within yourself and plsasure to.

Your primary purpose in life will be to see to your Masters pleasure both mentally and physically in any manner He should desire. In order to do this, you will have to learn your Master well.